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Hearing Loss Issues Need Increased Awareness

We are currently facing a hearing loss crisis mainly within senior citizen population. About 13 percent of the population has a problem with hearing, but almost half of that demographic receives little to no help for it. This is because of individuals refusing aid or simply not knowing that they have a hearing problem to begin with. Due to these circumstances, this can lead to certain social and medical problems.

Seclusion from Others as a Result of Hearing Loss

Individuals with just a mild hearing loss could have trouble conversing with friends, family, and other people. Not being able to hear what others are saying could cause frustration for both the speaker and the listener and, therefore, discourage any conversation between select parties. Those without needed amplification could feel left out in their own circles and generally make them feel isolated and depressed.

Hearing Loss Statistics

According to statistics, men that are above the age of 65 have a higher chance of hearing loss than women. In fact, this issue becomes more likely with age, currently affecting about 83 percent of  senior citizens at around the age of 85 and higher. Unfortunately, loss of hearing is not necessarily something that can be prevented. However, there is a way for individuals to receive the proper guidance and help needed to obtain a hearing aid.

The importance of hearing screening and evaluation

Unfortunately many people do not realize that they have issues with their hearing until family members or friends start to point it out. It is highly recommended that, upon the first signs of hearing problems, a person should ask their physician for a hearing screening. This is a quick test that will identify whether or not a person does have loss of hearing. If the screening identifies that there might be hearing loss present, a referral for a full audiological evaluation will be made in order to rule out an underlying medical issue. Once the evaluation is done, doctor of audiology would be able to provide the appropriate solution for all your hearing needs.

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