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Personal Control Is Here Thanks to ReSound Hearing Aids

Hearing aid technology has finally become user-friendly. Instead of seeing an audiologist to fine-tune and tweak a hearing aid, the user can do that himself anytime and anywhere. The ReSound Linx2 is one such user-controlled hearing aid.

Personal Control

Two years ago, ReSound released the Linx – A hearing aid line that is user-controlled through an Apple device. Currently, the ReSound app is available on Android smartphones. ReSound’s Linx 2 is compatible with behind-the-ear and receiver-in-ear hearing aids. According to the chief audiology officer of ReSound, Laurel Christensen, the Linx2 lets the wearer adjust the hearing aid to suit a whole host of environments such as bustling restaurants and bumper-to-bumper traffic. Christensen further states that the ReSound app offers greater personal control in order to get the maximum benefit from the brand’s hearing aids. The hearing aid has a one-week battery life.

Precision Sound Tuning

The Linx2 syncs to smartphones and iPads. Those who have tried the hearing aid out reported that it allows for excellent sound adjustment even in loud, crowded environments. The enhancer screen has several tabs for noise, speech and wind. The sliding bar at the bottom under the “Noise” tab effectively eliminates background chatter. On windy days, the “Wind” tab control can keep the wind’s whistling and whooshing noises at bay, and the “Speech” tab helps the wearer hear while having a face-to-face conversation.

Other Adjustment Features

While it is a highly desirable aspect for hearing aids, noise control for noise, speech and wind is not the only feature of the Linx2. The ReSound smartphone application lets the wearer adjust the hearing device’s bass, treble and volume by approximately six decibels in either direction for the left and the right ear. In addition, if the user cannot find his hearing aid, the Linx2 has a search feature to help him locate the aid.

Ease-of-Use Accessories

To further simplify usability, there are accessories available for this hearing aid, such as a microphone and phone clip. Testing conducted by a ReSound audiologist and wearer shows that the mini microphone allows two people to communicate within about 15 feet of one another in a large crowd. Therefore, the microphone is ideal to use in noisy conditions where there are a lot of people.

The phone clip accessory lets Android users transform their ReSound hearing aid into a pair of headphones that connect to a tablet or smartphone, allowing users to adjust the volume of their hearing device. Those who use an iPad or iPhone can sync the Linx2 to their device without the use of a ReSound accessory.

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