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Signia Introduces Primax

Primax Hearing Aids Signia

Signia is the name of a modern line of hearing aids produced by Siemens. Signia is proud to manufacture the newest advancement in hearing aids with their new Primax smart hearing aids. Primax, from Signia, is the premier technology of its kind and has been demonstrated via independent scientific trials to decrease exertion required to listen all day while also giving increased hearing ability in difficult hearing scenarios, as in noisy restaurants and crowded or bustling social venues. Signia’s Primax offers improvements that reinvent the simplification of listening by calculating the user’s hearing situation and isolating the main speaker before all other speakers and background sounds.

These handy features are included with these advanced Primax hearing aids:

SpeechMaster – Speech is automatically enhanced in all types of listening situations. SpeechMaster is the function that processes the audible scene and uses the first-of-its-kind technology that essentially “zooms in” on the target speaker’s voice while minimizing unnecessary background sounds and extraneous speaker’s voices. SpeechMaster examines the “sound scene” and facilitates automatic reduction in unwanted noises, directionality, and amplification in order to lower the exertion required for the user to effectively hear what’s happening around them.

HD Music – Entertainment from music can be increased for those who love to listen to or perform. The HD Music feature offers astoundingly rich music using three pre-programmed music modes intended to increase the caliber of the music and increase the listener’s enjoyment. This feature works whether the hearing aid user is enjoying a live music performance, pre-recorded music, or performing his or her own music.

EcoShield – Echos are inherent in many different hearing aids. These echos are softened by EcoShield providing a reduction the exertion required to effectively listen. Echos common in galleries, indoor corridors, presentation venues, and auditoriums are decreased, enabling the user to listen with less exertion and without straining.

TwinPhone – Speaking, and hearing, on the telephone can prove difficult for those who use hearing aids. A vast majority of cellphone users place their phone directly onto to the ear, regardless of if a speakerphone or other hands-off alternative is present. TwinPhone self-activates via signal emitted from magnets in the cell phone. The hearing aid user may listen to the phone call through both ears which allows for increased understanding with less effort.

Primax users can customize their hearing aid experience using assorted applications and attachments. The TouchControl App enables a smartphone to be transformed into a virtual hearing aid controller. From the application, the user is able to raise or lower volume, bass and treble, select from a variety of preset programs, and manually control where the device’s microphones “listen” from with a tap on the display. Microphones can be set to the front, rear, left, or right instantly magnifying the sounds of interest and stifling other secondary sounds. This feature is extremely handy in cafes, at parties, and other situations where there’s so much noise or multiple speakers. If the device is coupled with the EasyTek accessory and accompanying application, the user can easily pair their advanced Primax hearing aids with an assortment of Bluetooth compatible accessories. Audio from the paired device, like a television, media players or smartphones, and other sources is wirelessly transmitted right into the ears. This feature is very handy for taking hands-free cell phone calls.

Signia’s unique Primax technology can be purchased from an accredited member of the Signia web of audiologists and hearing professionals. For additonal information regarding Primax, smart hearing aids, or to find a doctor or hearing professional in your area, please visit on the web.

An autonomous US scientific lab investigation has determined that Primax offered a noted decrease in the exertion required to listen in difficult auditory scenarios. A technique utilizing objective brain behavior standards along with electroencephalographic information, demonstrated a great decrease in the exertion required to listen for individuals with less than severe auditory impairment who were also employing Primax hearing aids, when also utilizing the SpeechMaster and EcoShield accessories.

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