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Loud, Proud, and Unafraid: Starkey’s Halo 2 Hearing Aid

Starkey's Halo 2 Hearing Aid

Halo 2 has recently been released by the Starkey Hearing Technologies. After the success of their first Halo product in 2014, Starkey has improved their sleek iPhone friendly hearing aid for their customers. Below we will take a look at some of the standout features for this new device.

Internal Hardware

The Starkey Halo 2 is able to perform so well due to its quad-core twin compressor technology. This technology allows the Halo 2 hearing aid be able to seamlessly deliver multiple sound waves in any environment. Sound appears natural, clear, and consistent to those using this Halo 2. No matter what environment the person may be in, the results are always authentic and stunning. Customers can also expect no buzzing with this product. Every Halo 2 product is built with a feedback cancellation system that will remove all annoying buzzing sounds.

Halo 2 Design

Starkey hearing aids were built to last. All of the Starkey Halo 2 hearing aids have been coated with a Surface NanoShield. This will protect all devices from moisture or an accidental fall. The style available for the Halo 2 at the moment is receiver-in-canal, which is one of the slimmest on the market. There are a many colors to choose from online, including sterling, black, and bronze.

Halo 2’s App

One major convenience of the Halo 2 is how it syncs with the TruLink 3.0 App available on any Apple product. By working with the TruLink app, users of Halo 2 will enjoy high-definition sound quality for all their phone calls, music, Siri functions, and other media that can be streamed from Apple products into the hearing aid. Using this app on any iPhone or iPad is a breeze, and it will allow users to customize their experience for optimal performance. Also, the “geotagging” feature of this app uses GPS technology to record and recall different areas a person has been in. So whether the user is in a quiet park or by a busy city street, the Halo 2 will be able to instantly adjust to the right levels.

Tinnitus Protection

For those who suffer the painful ringing in the ears brought about by tinnitus, both the TruLink app and the Halo 2 can help. The product itself has a Multiflex Tinnitus Technology inside, and the volumes and frequencies can be tinkered with on the TruLink app. This technology was designed to help tinnitus sufferers find the perfect frequency for combating this headache-inducing experience.

With this Halo 2 hearing aid people with hearing difficulties will never have to fret again. This improved technology and app allow people the ability to easily customize their hearing experience through their smartphone. The discreet style will relieve the stress often associated with the more cumbersome hearing aids on the market. And, most importantly, this product will allow listeners the powerful hearing quality people have come to expect from Starkey hearing aids.

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