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New Camouflage Designs Available From ReSound

ReSound hearing aid

ReSound has announced the release of three brand new camouflage inspired designs for their line of Smart Hearing solutions. These new designs are available to those who wear the ReSound LiNX2 and ENZO2 models.

As part of the release announcement, ReSound also reported they’ll be donating $25,000 to the Fisher House Foundation. Fisher House provides short-term housing, at no charge, for family members of those receiving medical services at military operated and VA medical facilities. As stated by Veterans Affairs, many of America’s veterans fall victim to hearing loss or tinnitus because of injuries related to their active duty. As estimated by the Hearing Health Foundation, injuries resulting in the loss of hearing and tinnitus affects more than half of all American service veterans.

What Are The Symptoms Associated With Tinnitus?

Most adults have experienced a ringing in their ears at one time or another. This occasional ringing usually resolves itself and fades away without treatment and without disrupting daily routines. For those suffering from tinnitus, ringing in the ears is persistent and can negatively affect life on an everyday basis. While the severity of tinnitus generally depends on how much the ringing bothers you. When the ringing associated with tinnitus distracts you from everyday activities, like talking on the phone, watching a movie, or reading a book, then you’re likely to focus on the noise even more. As time progresses, the always constant and bothersome ringing in your ears becomes more debilitating and more difficult to ignore.

How Can ReSound LiNX2 Help Relieve My Tinnitus Symptoms?

ReSound LiNX2 uses modern tinnitus therapy, which can be personalized for your specific condition, along with the new standard in smart hearing devices. If you’re suffering from tinnitus symptoms, ReSound LiNX2 offers new, smart tools for alleviating debilitating symptoms. ReSound LiNX2 helps by drawing your focus away from the bothersome ringing associated with tinnitus using an assortment of pre-set therapy sounds specifically intended to assist tinnitus sufferers.

Hear The Way You Were Meant To With ReSound ENZO2

While small in size, the ReSound ENZO 2 is a very powerful hearing aid. These ReSound hearing aids give you easy access to all sounds in your environment. ReSound ENZO 2 allows you to connect with the most important devices you use and stream sounds right from your Apple device or smartphone. You’ll be able to design your own individualized hearing experience and, with the assistance of ReSound, return back to normal.

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