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When Will I Receive My Hearing Aids?

Hearing Aids

In a broad sense, how long it takes you to receive your hearing aids after ordering them depends on the specific type of hearing aid you’re buying. If you’re buying new miniature BTE (Behind the Ear) aids, your audiologist might have some already in inventory for you to take with you right then and there.

BTE Styles

There are typically two styles of miniature BTEs: An open-fit device with an assortment of receivers with ends that will fit inside almost anyone’s ear, or the kind with an audio input in the ear channel, which also includes a number of tubes and curved tips that can be fitted to the shape of anyone’s ear. A number of audiologists have these kinds of hearing aids in stock, but you may need to have them special-ordered if you want them in a unique color or style.

Shipping Times

Both ITE (In the Ear) and BTE aids made with ear impressions typically take around 7 to 10 business days to arrive. The reason for this lengthy shipping time is because the mold or impression that’s done on your ear must be shipped to the supplier or an ear molding laboratory to be customized for your own ear shape.

Below is a short rundown of the steps that are usually involved in shipping hearing aids:

  1. All purchase forms are completed and signed, and the impression of your ear is dispatched to the ear molding lab, often via overnight delivery.
  2. The lab uses the ear mold as a template while making your hearing aid to ensure it will fit comfortably in your ear.
  3. The order is processed by quality management inspectors before shipping to verify that everything is as it should be.
  4. The hearing aids arrive back at your audiologist’s practice via expedited delivery.
  5. Your device is unboxed and integrated into a personal care package.
  6. You’re contacted by the audiologist’s office to arrange a time to pick up your hearing aids.
    Don’t Be In A Rush!

It’s quite common whenever you’re in a rush to get your hearing aids for unforeseen circumstances to develop. Expedited shipments are usually available by paying more for same or next day delivery, but at certain times of the year (especially near holidays) rush orders can actually have a higher tendency to be misdelivered than regular mail due to the sheer volume of deliveries being made at the last minute. Ear molds might become lost during transport or held up as a result of the hectic holiday shipping schedules.

From time to time, an item will be accidentally delivered to the wrong audiologist and need to be shipped again. As a result, it may be better to have patience when receiving your new hearing aids. Allow the purchase to proceed normally, and try to avoid placing orders near any major holidays because of the delayed shipping schedules. Just take your time, and your audiologist should do his or her utmost to have your hearing aid delivered to you or available for pickup as quickly as possible.

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