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OTICON OPN is the Latest in Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids are essential tools for those with hearing difficulties. One leader in hearing aid production, Oticon, has recently developed the latest in hearing aid technology. The Oticon Opn uses Internet technology and connects to the Internet. The Internet connectivity of the Oticon Opn allows a multitude of possibilities when used with IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

IoT Capabilities in the Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon Opn opens up a plethora of Internet connecting possibilities, many of which are firsts in the industry. The hearing aid is compatible with the IFTTT (If This Then That) web service. The Velox system platform, included in the Oticon Opn hearing aid device, revolutionizes hearing aid technology. The Velux platform remains the first system that allows hearing aid users to hear more naturally in noisy or crowded places. Oticon Opn does not depend on traditional hearing aid directionality and allows the user to follow multiple conversations with much more ease than do previous types of hearing aids.

Connectivity with IoT and Oticon Opn

Because of the connectivity capabilities of the Oticon Opn device, the hearing aid will be able to converse with other Internet-based technologies. The hearing technology will be able to be programmed to converse with doorbells, baby monitors and smoke alarms, as well as other technologies, using the Internet.

Precise Hearing Potential with Oticon Opn

How are Oticon hearing aids able to produce the feat of enabling the hearer to understand several conversations in noisy environments distinctly? The remarkable technology of the Oticon Opn analyzes the sounds that reach it over 100 times per second to give the clearest, most distinct sound available to the hearing device’s user.

If you or someone close to you is in need of a hearing aid, the Oticon Opn is an excellent choice. IoT technology and Internet connectivity make this hearing aid the latest and best in hearing aid technology to date.

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