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Using Starkey Hearing Aids with Multiple Devices

Using Starkey Hearing Aids with Multiple Devices

If you’re like most hearing aid users, you have many Apple devices like iPads, iPhones or even Apple Watches to which you will want to connect their Starkey hearing aids during an average day. Luckily, Starkey hearing aids have the ability to communicate via Bluetooth with multiple devices.

Pairing your hearing aid

First, make sure that the devices in question are paired with any Starkey hearing aids you’ll be using with them. You can usually find this in the settings of your device. Go to your device’s Settings and then select General > Accessibility > Hearing Aids. Your Bluetooth enabled Starkey hearing aids will be auto-detected. Simply select all hearing aids that you will be using.

Repeat this process with any other Apple device that you want to use with your Starkey hearing aids.

The Control Center

Once all devices are paired, you can switch which one is the active one by means of the Control Center. The Control Center is a feature of Apple devices that gives you access to your device’s settings at the flick of a finger.

It’s easy to bring up the Control Center is easy to find by putting your finger down at the screen’s lower edge and swiping upwards. You can even do this on the lock screen. Once the Control Center is visible, you should see among other settings a line of icons located in a row above the others. In the middle is the familiar Bluetooth icon. Pressing this icon will toggle Bluetooth capability of the device on and off.

Switching from Device to Device

In order to switch between devices that are connected to your Starkey hearing aids, all you will have to do is turn off Bluetooth for the device you are no longer using and turn on Bluetooth for the device to which you wish to switch.

Here’s an example. Say you are currently using your iPad but now wish to activate the connection with your iPhone instead. Using your finger, bring up the Control Center on the iPad. Then locate the Bluetooth icon and press it. Bluetooth should now be disabled on the iPad.

Now, bring up the Control Center of your iPhone. Find the Bluetooth icon. Press it so that Bluetooth is enabled. Your Starkey hearing aids should now be picking up audio from the iPhone.

It’s a simple method of switching from device to device and will work no matter how many devices you have. Never fiddle with batteries or needlessly reset your hearing aids again.

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