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Do You Suffer From Ringing in the Ears?

A tenth of the American population suffer from an annoying chronic condition. Each case is different and affects individuals no matter what gender, race or age they are. Give up? The condition is tinnitus, and it’s a hot topic for discussion among those who live with it. Tinnitus is described as the presence of internal sound that persists in the head or in one or both ears. It is only heard by the patient, especially during the absence of external sound.

Research for tinnitus has yet to produce a single or combined treatment that can provide effective relief for all patients. On a positive note, several treatment options have yielded helpful results to many tinnitus sufferers.

Starkey Hearing Technologies Mission

It has been our mission at Starkey Hearing Technologies to consider key factors in the development of tinnitus management technology including: evidence from tinnitus clinical research, the latest tinnitus management protocols, and the needs of hearing healthcare professionals and tinnitus sufferers.

Xino Tinnitus

Starkey Hearing Technologies recently launched Multiflex Tinnitus Technology in Xino Tinnitus, which is the most discreet standard hearing aid Starkey currently offers. This receiver-in-canal (RIC) 10 device provides 16 bands for the tinnitus stimulus and 12 channels for programming the hearing aid response.

Moreover, the receiver of the Xino Tinnitus is available in a range reaching a 70-gain and is equipped with state-of-the-art dependable features, including: Voice iQ2, InVision Directionality, Spectral iQ, and last but not least, Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, which utilizes the elements of sound therapy, white noise stimulus, amplification, education, and personalization to provide patients with tinnitus relief.

Sound Therapy

Many patients suffering from tinnitus gain relief through sound therapy. Music, relaxation sounds and noise are measures used to partially reduce or fully override the internal effects of tinnitus.

White Noise Stimulus

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology provides a white noise stimulus that can be activated on a per memory level. There are two white noise options available to the patient; they can receive either modulated or consistent (steady state) stimulus that produces a sound quality compared to a breeze or wave to the tinnitus stimulus.


Many studies indicate that hearing aids offer substantial relief to both tinnitus patients with normal hearing as well as patients who have tinnitus and loss of hearing. This may be the case for a number of reasons. However, one of the most plausible explanations is that hearing aids have the capability of amplifying ambient background sounds, which may partially or fully mute the ringing tones associated with tinnitus.

FDA Approved

Although Xino Tinnitus is designed as a fully functional hearing device, it has been approved by the FDA to be worn by tinnitus patients with normal hearing since it it can be programmed to perform solely as a sound generator.

Online Courses

Starkey Hearing Technologies provides multiple AudiologyOnline courses to educate professionals about counseling and touch base on various aspects of tinnitus. Online resources that provide further details about Starkey products and Starkey hearing aids can be found at Therefore, informing patients of known triggers, prevalence, and treatment options for tinnitus can do much to provide initial relief.


Personalized counseling is very important to help individuals better handle their tinnitus, which act as the stepping stones to maintain long-lasting relief. No two tinnitus patients experience identical symptoms, and understandably, have very different needs. It is vital, then, that professionals personalize treatment to achieve relief and personal benefit to each patient they interact with.

Benefits of Using Multiflex Tinnitus Technology

Multiflex Tinnitus Technology produces a tinnitus stimulus algorithm based on the individual’s audiometric configuration. This type of customization offers the most compatible stimulus in respects to the initial fitting of the device as well as gives hearing professionals a start in the right direction to help provide relief to their tinnitus patients.

SoundPoint Tinnitus is one of the most outstanding features of Multiflex Tinnitus Technology. It affords the tinnitus patient the ability to offer feedback to the professional during a fitting so that their stimulus is adjusted to their exact specifications.

There are numerous individuals who suffer from tinnitus, and the hearing technology offered by Starkey has proven to be a great management strategy for professionals to use for tinnitus patients. Learn more about Starkey products and Starkey hearing aids, check out our site at to experience the Multiflex Tinnitus Technology for yourself that includes a SoundPoint Tinnitus demonstration.

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