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Audiology Island was founded with one purpose in mind- to bring new meaning to effective hearing healthcare.
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Audiology Island Attends Training

Audiology Island attended a training (July 15-17) in Minneapolis (ReSound)

Audiology Island attended a training (July 15-17) in Minneapolis, Minnesota where we learned about the latest advances in hearing technology and reviewed best practices with colleagues from around the country.
Topics covered in the workshop included new patient counseling methods, a review of the latest trends in hearing healthcare and in-depth product training. We left the seminar better prepared to serve our patients.

Hearing loss is one of the most common conditions affecting older adults. Approximately 17 percent , or 36 million of American adults report some degree of hearing loss.
People with hearing loss may find it hard to have a conversation with friends and family. They may also have trouble understanding a doctor’s advice, responding to warnings, and hearing doorbells and alarms.*

ReSound is an industry technology leader in hearing solutions. Since the company’s inception in 1943 , ReSound has been responsible for a huber of hearing industry firsts, including Wide Dynamic Range Compression (WDRC), Digital Feedback Suppression (DFS), and the first open-standard digital chip. GN ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, one of the world’s largest providers of hearing instruments and diagnostic audiological instrumentation.

We learned about ReSound Verso, new technology that reduces the background noise in loud situations, helping you hear the voices you want to listen to, not the sounds you don’t. Verso puts the patient in the driver’s seat. You can react and respond naturally to what you want to hear.

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