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Audiology Island was founded with one purpose in mind- to bring new meaning to effective hearing healthcare.
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New Businesses in Focus: Staten Island’s Audiology Island

As a brand new Audiology Practice on Staten Island, we had a privilege of being feature in the Staten Island Advance. We’ve heard great reviews about this article from our fellow Staten Islanders who have been calling us and saying how happy they were to finally find a quality Audiology Clinic on the Island.

Here’s the Article:

Zhanneta Shapiro and Stella Fulman at Audiology Island in New Dorp

Zhanneta Shapiro and Stella Fulman at Audiology Island in New Dorp.

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — After working in hospitals and large private practices, experienced audiologists Zhanneta Shapiro and Stella Fulman, who both hold doctorates in audiology, felt Staten Island lacked a comprehensive audiology center. Therefore, Ms. Shapiro left New York University Medical Center (NYU) and Ms. Fulman quit a thriving Brooklyn private practice to launch Audiology Island soon after they both had their second children — coincidentally, one day apart.

“We both live on Staten Island and we both have babies. Our commutes had become difficult,” Ms. Shapiro said.

“Plus, I was seeing a lot of Staten Island patients at NYU, and Stella was seeing a lot of patients in Brooklyn. So many people go off Staten Island for good audiological services. We wanted to bring good, quality audiology and hearing healthcare to Staten Island.” “Hearing is a quality-of-life issue, and the population is getting older, so many people will require these services,” added Ms. Shapiro, who also teaches doctoral students at the Graduate Center at Brooklyn College, CUNY.

Zhanneta Shapiro and Stella Fulman at Audiology Island

Products/services offered

The business offers audiology testing, pediatric audiology from newborns to 18 years old, and auditory processing testing for children and adults.

The audiologists fit patients for hearing aids, and also offer pediatric amplification hearing aids. “Hearing aids for kids and adults are not all equal … hearing aids now are like mini-computers; you really have to know what you’re doing,” Ms. Fulman said.

“We offer audio rehab classes where you learn how to hear with a hearing aid,” said Ms. Shapiro, noting Audiology Island has equipment that can objectively see what a hearing aid does in a patient’s ear.

“We also have ‘The Lyric,’ which is a 100 percent invisible hearing aid. You can wear it for three to four months. You don’t take it out at night, and can shower with it, so you can hear 24/7,” she added.

Audiology Island

Address 1: 11 Ralph Place, Suite 304 Staten Island, NY 10304
Address 2: 148 New Dorp Lane, 2nd Floor Staten Island, NY 10306

Established September 2012

Contact 718-980-0188

They also conduct ototoxic monitoring. “A lot of people getting chemotherapy or taking certain medications can have their hearing affected; we can do ototoxic monitoring for that,” she said.

The audiologists also use several FDA-approved devices to treat tinnitus, or ringing in the ears.

Growth strategy

Ms. Shapiro and Ms. Fulman are marketing their services to physicians in hopes of getting a steady client base from referrals.

“We want to educate physicians about our services. For example, it’s very important for patients with diabetes to monitor their hearing,” Ms. Shapiro said.

Five-year goals

The owners’ five-year goal is to expand as a clinical audiology practice.

“We are slowly adding on more and more diagnostic services. Next year, we plan to add balance testing, a much-needed service on Staten Island,” Ms. Shapiro said.

“Our goal is to not only offer testing, but provide rehabilitative services as well. Just like we offer treatment and management options for hearing loss and tinnitus, we will have therapies for balance and auditory processing.”

In addition, Ms. Shapiro said she wants to continue Audiology Island’s involvement in the Staten Island community and provide educational workshops about hearing healthcare.

“Our five-year goal is to create a facility specializing in audiological services where we diagnose, treat and manage a multitude of hearing and balance problems for all ages.”

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