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New Lyric Hearing Aids are Here!

If you are considering Lyric hearing aids, now is a great time to try them right here on Staten Island! Audiology Island has just received new Lyric hearing aids that represent the latest in Lyric Hearing technology. The new Lyric hearing aids have additional features that help prevent ear wax buildup on the devices when they are being placed into the ear canal, and also have a new, improved receiver.

Previous Lyric hearing device was 25% shorter so that it could fit more ears more comfortably. This time it incorporates a small shield over the tip of the hearing device for additional protection against moisture and ear wax.

Lyric hearing aids have exceptional sound quality thanks to the way they use the ear’s natural anatomy to process sound. Preliminary feedback from experienced Lyric hearing aid wearers who have tried the new device is that the sound quality is now even “crisper” and “clearer”. Some Lyric wearers have also benefited from the increased gain in the new device, which can offer a higher volume than the previous generation. .

If you are an existing Lyric wearer, you will automatically be upgraded to the new technology as part of your Lyric subscription.

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