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Press Release: Audiology Island Highlights the Benefits of Hearing Treatment on CBS-TV “American Health Front!”

Staten Island, New York – Drs. Zhanneta Shapiro and Stella Fulman are delighted to announce their appearance on the informative CBS show “American Health Front!” The network show will air on Saturday, November 30th and impart integral information regarding Audiology Island’s highly useful and practical way to help educate viewers about hearing loss.

“It takes people an average of seven years to seek help for their hearing loss once they realize they have it,” explained Zhanneta Shapiro, AuD, CCC-A, an audiologist and co-owner of Audiology Island on Staten Island.  “So we work very hard to educate people that sensorineural hearing loss is not only treatable, but the incredible advancements in hearing technology can provide help regain their quality of life.”

Co-owner Stella Fulman, AuD, CCC-A, agrees. “We’re privileged to be able to help so many people who first come to our practice with misperceptions that they either don’t have hearing loss or it can’t be treated.  It’s a wonderful experience to see patients’ amazed reactions when they hear again after being fitted with hearing devices.”

Hearing loss is the third most chronic condition among seniors behind hypertension and arthritis, yet less than a fourth of those with hearing loss seek treatment each year. “Barriers to seeking help can be challenging,” admits Dr. Shapiro.  “They include denial, stigma and a basic lack of knowledge about the breakthroughs in technology over the past decade.  But we know that with the right evaluation, counseling and fitting, people leave Audiology Island able to regain so much they’ve been missing.”

“Great case in point – we recently had a 93 year-old woman purchase hearing aids after years of ignoring her problem,” said Dr. Fulman.  “She was so thrilled with the result that she told us that she felt as though she had been reborn.”

“As a parent, it would break my heart to think my parents couldn’t hear their grandchildren tell them they love them,” said Dr. Shapiro. “As an audiologist, it melts my heart when patients tell me that they could finally hear their grandkids say it for the first time.”

Drs. Shapiro and Fulman, both of whom hold doctorates in audiology, founded Audiology Island in 2012. The hearing practice offers diagnostic services, treatment and management options for hearing loss and tinnitus and treats both adults and children.

“American Health Front!” is a medical news television program poised to bring public awareness of the vital information necessary to receive excellent medical care.  It is predominately designed to educate viewers about important advances in both techniques and technology in the medical field.  Taking their stance as a veritable resource for healthcare consumers the show helps viewers stay abreast of information that will make a relevant difference in their medical care.  With this information the show’s producers hope consumers will feel comfortable speaking up for the kind of care they so well deserve.

The CBS channel 2 program will begin at 1:00 p.m on Saturday, November 30th and will engage viewers with information about the doctor’s practice as well as impart helpful resources regarding hearing healthcare.

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