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5 Best Accessories for Hearing Loss When Watching TV

Millions of people suffer from hearing loss. As a result, it can be difficult to enjoy everyday activities, including watching TV with family members and friends. Fortunately, there are some options that can help people with hearing impairments to get a better experience. Here are a few of the top accessories for individuals with hearing loss when watching TV.
Streaming TV Audio Directly to Hearing Aids
Wireless hearing aids are excellent accessories for those with hearing loss. They allow for the individual to stream sounds directly into their ears via Bluetooth. Many of these hearing aids allow you to get a better listening experience with your smartphone or while listening to music, but they can also amazingly deliver the sounds from your television set directly to your ears. This means that you can even leave the room in which your TV is situated and still hear what’s going on. Talk to your audiologist to find out what brands have this option and which offer the best quality sound.

Wireless TV Headphones

There are now even more options than ever available when it comes to wireless headphones. They grew in popularity thanks to smartphone use but can also be used while watching television. Certain headphones can even offer noise cancellation, a great feature for individuals with hearing loss so that all they hear is the sound for their TV in a distraction free way. There is volume control on the headphones, which allows the user to increase the volume if they need to, without disturbing anyone else in the room. In most cases, wireless headphones work via Bluetooth.

Loop Systems

Loop systems allow you to listen to your TV while reducing white noise. They also allow for better sound quality through your hearing aids as they work like loudspeakers directly to the hearing devices. This is similar to Bluetooth streaming directly to your hearing aid, but you need to ensure that the technology is compatible with your particular hearing aid. Talk with your audiologist to find the best looping system for your needs.

Other Wireless Streaming Devices

There are media streamers that also work to deliver the sound from your TV directly to your hearing aids. They work similar to wireless headphones as they are portable and convenient. To determine a streaming device that is best for you, talk with your audiologist.

Home Theater Sound System

The right home theater sound system is among the best accessories for people with hearing loss to enjoy hearing their TV. Some systems utilize hearing aid technology to deliver better audio quality, particularly those that encompass a single source. An all-channel speaker or speakers are situated in the middle of the system, with all of the focus being put on the audio, resulting in crisp, clear sound that everyone can enjoy, including the individual with a hearing impairment.
If you live in or around the Staten Island, New York area and are in need of a skilled team of audiologists, consider Audiology Island. Dr. Stella Fulman and Dr. Zhanneta Shapiro will provide you with the proper testing to check your hearing and will recommend the best hearing devices appropriate for you. They will also help you to determine the best hearing accessories to enjoy listening to your favorite shows on TV.

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