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Health Benefits of an Annual Hearing Test

In most cases, you are exposed to noise that is potentially harmful to your hearing health. However, it is hard to identify hearing loss since it occurs gradually. For this reason, it is important to schedule an annual ear damage check up to help in early identification and diagnosis.

Who Needs To Go For A Hearing Test?

All people in all age groups who are exposed to noise need to go for a hearing test. However, studies have shown that there are different groups of individuals who need to go for a hearing loss checkup more often due to heir prolonged noise exposure in their workplace. Occupational hearing loss is a leading confounding factor to hearing damage.

Workers working in manufacturing plants and other workplaces that are characterized by an assortment of sound producing and vibrating machines account for the majority hearing loss cases.

Some of the occupations that put a worker at a high risk of developing a hearing problem are;

  1. Teaching

In a survey conducted on teachers aged 44 years and below, it was established that teachers have a risk of developing a hearing issue that is higher by 9% compared to the situations considered to be normal. PE and music teachers are the most affected. Noise from an average classroom is measured at 87 decibels, a measure that is above normal standards.

  1. Plumbing

Plumbers are among top workers who stand at a high risk of occupational hearing loss. A plumber’s workplace is defined by regular noises from tools used to shape and cut metals. 48% of plumbers are reported to experience hearing loss in their lifetime.

  1. The police and military

Police and military officer’s workplace is defined by loud noise resulting from the use of firearms and when controlling multitudes and traffic.

  1. Truck Driving

A survey conducted in 2010 found that 45% of 500 truck drivers surveyed had a hearing problem. Their hearing loss is attributed to exposure to traffic noise and exhaust fumes that are often toxic.

  1. Farming

Due to the development of the agricultural industry, farmers are exposed to noise from agricultural equipment like tractors and mowers. Furthermore, a farmer is exposed to noise from farm animals placing him at a high risk of occupational hearing loss.

How to Identify Hearing Loss

Occupational hearing loss occurs gradually. For this reason, it is difficult for an affected person to realize that he or she is developing the medical issue. However, there are various signs that can help you to know if you are developing a hearing loss. Some of them include;

  • Difficulty in hearing what other people are saying.
  • Raising the volume of your television or radio.
  • Inability to hear a conversation when in a group.
  • Ringing sound in your ears.
  • Difficulty hearing telephone conversations.
  • People are complaining that you speak louder.

Why You Should Visit a Medical Professional If You Realize You Have Hearing Loss

  • Early medical intervention helps to identify hearing loss at the initial stages that are difficult to detect. Hearing damage is suitably managed in its initial stages.
  • A hearing check up can also help one to identify other harmful health issues like dementia and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Early checkup contributes to minimizing health effects resulting from hearing loss. Most people affected by hearing problems are stressed because people keep complaining that they play loud music or shout. For this reason, a person may feel humiliated and may often isolate themselves from conversations.

For this reason, audiologists encourage people working in high-noise zones to have an annual ear checkup because it will help them to find a solution to the health issues. A hearing checkup is painless and it takes a short time. For New York City residents, Audiology Island is a leading service provider that guarantees clients of high-quality services. They work with experienced audiologists like Dr. Stella Fulman and Dr. Zhanneta Shapiro who are experienced in hearing health issues.

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