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How To Use Headphones Alongside Your Hearing Aids

Most people suffering a hearing loss are required to use hearing aids. Hearing aids help to improve a person’s hearing ability by amplifying sound. Most hearing aid users are at a loss in knowing whether they can use headphones while still using hearing aids.

The truth is that one can use headphones alongside his or her hearing aids. However, one should be careful to select headphones that are compatible with the type of his or her hearing aids. Below are some choices that are recommended by audiology experts.

1.Bone-conduction earphones

Bone conduction earphones are suitable for individuals whose hearing aids are placed in the outer ear or inside the ear canal. The headphones can be used with most hearing aids.

Bone conduction earphones direct sound into the inner ear through facial bones. Sound does not have to pass through the eardrum. Unlike most headphones, bone conduction headsets do not require one to place them on or above his or her ears. The sound is directed to the cochlea reducing the stress on the eardrum.

2.Headphones that are placed on the ears

The headphone types that are placed on the ears are fit for people using hearing aids that have been placed inside the outer or inner ear. The headphones sit on the ears and have an opening in the middle, which makes it simple for the hearing aids to pick sound waves from them.

The headphones can also be used by people using a receiver in canal hearing aids.

3.Headphones that are placed over the ears

Over-the-ear headphones are designed to fit over the user’s ears. The headphones are also used to protect one against background noise. They are suitable for people using hearing aids placed inside and outside the ear.

Issues to consider when using Earphones alongside Hearing Aids

  • Hearing aids amplify sound from the environment into the user’s ears. Subsequently, when playing music from an MP3 player, it is advisable to adjust the volume to a suitable level.
  • Listening to loud music for a prolonged time is harmful to your hearing health. To minimize the effects, avoid music that is above the healthy levels of 85 decibels. Additionally, listen to music for not longer than 1 hour.
  • When fitting headphones on your ears, ensure that they do not push on the hearing aids.
  • In some cases, a person may be tempted to raise the volume of his or her music due to the loud noise from the background. Instead of raising the volume, it is recommended that one uses noise canceling earphones.

People with hearing issues can also buy multipurpose hearing aids that can also be used as headphones. The hearing aids are connected to a music player using the Bluetooth technology. This implies that the hearing aids can be used with Bluetooth-compatible devices like cell phones or mp3 players.

How an Audiologist Can Assist

If you have trouble selecting a headphone that is compatible with your hearing aids, then you should consult an audiologist to help you out. Most audiologists are in a position to help you in choosing the best headphones to use with your hearing aids.

If you are in United States, Audiology Island will be ready to help you resolve such issues. At Audiology Island, you will meet experienced doctors who will help you with any hearing loss issue. The doctors are specialists in diagnostic and customized rehabilitative services that match the unique needs of each customer.

The organization works with highly experienced doctors thus assuring their clients of high-quality services. For instance, Dr. Stella Fulman holds an undergraduate and post graduate degree in Audiology. She later acquired a doctorate in the same field from Salus University.

Before joining Audiology Island, Dr. Fulman worked as a researcher in the FDA study and was an employee at Hear USA. She actively participated in many community initiatives that advocated for hearing health. She has successfully handled patients with complex hearing problems.

Dr. Fulman works with her colleague, Dr. Zhaneta Shapiro. Dr. Shapiro is a professor in Brooklyn College. She has worked in many hearing healthcare organizations like NYU Langone Medical Center, Hear USA, and Ear Nose and Throat Associates of New York.

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