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Is it Time to Replace Your Hearing Aids? Here are Some Signs

Like any other piece of equipment that gets used on a daily basis, your hearing aids will wear out over time. While most hearing aids are built to last for several years, they will need to be replaced at some point.

Here are some signs that it may be time to shop for a new pair.

1. Your hearing health changes

Annual hearing exams are vital to determine if your hearing needs change, as well as for having your hearing aids fine-tuned to adjust for any changes. More severe changes in your hearing can often mean that a new pair of hearing aids are in order. At Audiology Island, we specialize in advanced diagnostics and believe that your hearing problems are unique.

2. Technology changes

Hearing aid technology is constantly evolving, just as it is for cell phones, computers, and other modern devices. In the last five years, advances in hearing aid technology include wireless connectivity to phones and other devices as well as enhanced speech-in-noise detection. Moreover, hearing aids are not only advancing but also are becoming less expensive. A lower-priced hearing aid today is very likely to have a wider frequency response and better fidelity. While you may be comfortable with your old pair of hearing aids and reluctant to change, you may be surprised by the latest improvements – and function – of digital hearing aids. Another point to consider is that most manufacturers stop making parts for hearing aids after five years.

3. Lifestyle changes

Your lifestyle can change in countless ways and indicate that it’s time to consider a new pair of hearing aids. Perhaps you need hearing aids that are easier to handle because you have arthritis or dexterity problems, more power because you’ve retired and now require less directness, or you’ve taken up a healthy activity such as swimming that requires waterproof hearing aids. Or, you’ve taken up jogging or hiking – activities that may require hearing aids that can stand up to more rugged environments.

4. New insurance benefits

Most insurance benefits for hearing aids renew every two to five years and can help with the payment for a new pair of hearing aids. In other words, there may be no better time for trying out the latest in hearing aid technology. And, as previously mentioned, improvement in lower-priced hearing aids have made high-quality hearing more affordable for everyone.

5. Frequent repairs are needed

Like your car, repairs to your hearing aids can become more frequent as they age. At this point, it’s important to weigh your options. The price of repairing an out-of-warranty pair and buying a new pair of hearing aids is probably not that much different, especially if insurance benefits are helping to pay for a new pair. Again, you may be perfectly comfortable with your current pair of hearing aids and would rather opt for repairs rather than buying new. Your best bet is to talk with your hearing care specialist to see if replacing your current pair is your best option.

Still unsure about switching to a new pair of hearing aids? At Audiology Island of State Island, we let you “try before you buy.” Our 7-day free, no obligation hearing aid trial gives you the opportunity to find out if a new pair is right for you.

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