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Help: The Settings Are Wrong on My Hearing Aids!

Anyone who suffers from hearing problems realizes that hearing aids can be life changing. Properly adjusted, hearing aids make it possible for those of us suffering from impairments to enjoy the world around us. Thanks to hearing aids, we can hear the birds singing, listen to our children talk about their day at school, and enjoy the words ‘I love you’ coming from our spouses. While hearing aids open the doorway to a world we couldn’t enjoy any other way, if the settings are wrong, hearing aids can certainly become more of a hindrance than a help.

After helping countless people with their hearing aid problems, here at Audiologyisland, we recognize the importance of the proper device settings. If you think you might be suffering from the wrong settings on your hearing device, we’ve put together some questions and answers about the best way to resolve your problem.

How Do You Know When Your Settings are Wrong?

If the settings are off on your hearing aids, then it won’t take long for you to recognize that there is a problem. You will start to notice that sounds that are supposed to be background such as beeps, buzzes, the blowing breeze, and dishes clacking together are suddenly forefront in your senses. On the other hand, the things you truly want to hear such as voices and music are suddenly muffled and difficult to discern. You may find yourself unable to hear the person sitting beside you in an automobile, yet almost overwhelmed by the clack of the car’s windshield wipers. Depending on the condition of your settings, the side effects can vary between mildly annoying to debilitating.

What Causes These Problems?

Hearing aids aren’t designed to last forever. Generally speaking, if you have extended wear devices, they will need to be replaced every few months through a prescription.

Frequently changing the device will provide you with the newest perks technology has to offer, but can also come with some serious setting problems. When the audiologist switches your hearing device with the new set, your settings may not be saved correctly and will result some very disturbing side-effects.

After having your hearing aids switched, you may experience some unusual sensations due to the fresh battery. In some cases, people think that the new aids sound sharper and fresher, causing them to wonder if their device is set wrong. If the problem is simply due to a new battery, the wearer will grow used to it within a few days.

When Should You Seek Help?

If you find that your device is only causing you mild discomfort, you may choose to wait a few days before scheduling an appointment, giving yourself the opportunity to get used to the new battery if that the problem. However, if you find yourself unable to perform your usual tasks, discover that your quality of life has been reduced, or you are experiencing discomfort, it’s time to talk to your audiologist about having your settings adjusted. If a weekend or holiday is approaching, don’t put off contacting your audiologist; no matter how mild the side-effects, you don’t want to endure days of misery.

What Can You Do to Relieve Symptoms?

If you are not able to get back in to see your audiologist immediately, you should start taking some steps to relieve the symptoms of poor hearing aid settings. One of the best options is to turn your aids to sleep mode, thus reducing some of the overwhelming noise. While there is no real way to fix a faulty hearing aid without the help of an audiologist, you can still eliminate some of the frustrating noise.

How Can Audiology Island Help?

Here at Audiology Island, we are passionate about helping our clients receive only the best results. We recognize that having a hearing aid with the wrong settings can cause serious side-effects and we are anxious to help. We can work to readjust the settings or, if necessary, update your audiogram. Even if you are not a regular client of Audiology Island, we are anxious to get you the help you need! Contact us today to talk to an audiologist and set up an appointment.

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