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Are you missing out this Holiday Season?

The holidays are all about spending time with family, catching up with friends, and celebrating with colleagues at the office holiday party. But if you have hearing loss, even if you only have difficulty in noisy situations, it can be hard to enjoy these special events. The entire season may even be stressful to you and in some cases depressing.

How can untreated hearing loss turn a joyous time of year into a difficult one? If you’ve experienced any of the following, then you probably understand:

  1. You miss out on conversations: From the clanking of silverware at a holiday meal to loud music at a party, it can be hard to hear others. Instead of enjoying a conversation, you may have to ask people to repeat themselves. Or you might just smile and nod throughout the discussion, without understanding what the other person says. As time goes on, smiling and nodding can become frustrating and upsetting to yourself and others. Addressing your hearing might mean engaging in the conversation again and having your valuable thoughts heard.
  2. You struggle to keep up: While it may be difficult for you to hear others; that might not stop you from trying. Whether turning your head to one side, cupping your hands around your ears, or focusing on the other person’s mouth to read their lips, all these efforts can take a physical and mental toll. If you feel you may be straining to listen by squinting your eyes, leaning forward and tensing you muscles; we do all of this unconsciously to try to focus. Addressing your hearing loss can relieve the mental and physical burden you may be unknowingly placing on yourself.
  3. You get stressed out: Despite the joy of the season, the holidays can be stressful for anyone. Hearing loss can multiply those feelings. All of the gatherings with family and friends can be a constant reminder of how hard it can be when you struggle to hear the important people in your life. Difficulty hearing can lead to frustration and bickering with others, adding to the stress levels. It can also cause you to mishear important information like dates, times, and meeting places.
  4. You become withdrawn: When combined, the above factors can make the holidays miserable. It may even get to a point where you’d rather miss all of these special occasions than continue feeling left out of conversations or feeling frustrated by the loud, unclear, noise around you. But avoiding social gatherings can further damage relationships with those close to you, and potentially lead to social isolation and depression. These symptoms come on suddenly, and you may not realize it is hearing loss causing you to retreat from these situations. Try a hearing care solution and find out if hearing loss may be linked to your depression or anxiety.

Stop missing out today.

The more hearing loss is ignored, the larger a problem it becomes. Not treating your hearing loss has been linked to depression, anxiety, strained relationships and cognitive decline. Over this holiday season, think about how much you might be missing because of your hearing difficulties – and how much more special this time of year would be if you could hear better, laugh louder and participate more with your loved ones.

If you’re ready to take the next step to treat your hearing loss, start by giving us a call at Audiology Island to schedule a hearing test or free hearing aid consultation today.

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