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Sudden hearing loss and what you need to know

Sudden hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss is a medical emergency and requires immediate attention! Contact your audiologist as soon as you notice any sudden change in your hearing. If you wake up one morning and you feel like you can’t hear out of one ear, do not wait to see if it comes back or not. The sooner you receive treatment, the more likely to reverse or fix the issue. If you delay treatment, the hearing problem may become permanent.

There are a variety of disorders that may cause sudden hearing loss in one ear. However, only about 10% of people diagnosed with Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SSHL) have an identifiable cause.

The causes may include: Head trauma, Viral infections Blood circulation problems, Disorders of the inner ear such as Meniere’s disease, Metabolic disorders, such as diabetes or high cholesterol, Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis, Autoimmune diseases, Exposure to certain drugs that treat cancer or severe infections.

It is estimated that SSHL strikes between one and six people 5,000 each year! However, this number is most likely much higher because SSHL often goes undiagnosed!

The most common symptoms of sudden hearing loss include: Loss of sensation of the outer ear, Feeling of pressure in the ear, Ringing in the ear and dizziness.

How is sudden hearing loss treated?

When the cause of sudden hearing loss is unknown, the most common treatment is corticosteroids. Steroids can treat many disorders, by decreasing swelling and inflammation. In order for steroids to be the most effective, they must be administered as soon as possible! Studies show when steroidal treatment is delayed two to four weeks, they are much less likely to reverse or reduce permanent hearing loss. Another common treatment type are antibiotics, if the sudden hearing loss was caused by an infection.

How can Audiology Island help

If you notice a sudden hearing loss, call us! We will get you in as soon as possible at one of our two amazing locations on Staten Island! Both locations are conveniently located near major highways. We will test your hearing, make sure the hearing loss is not due to wax or a forgein body (if it is wax, we can remove it for you right here in our office). If it is a sudden hearing loss we will refer you to the next appropriate medical professional, so that your treatment can be expedited.

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