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Keep Your Hearing Aids Happy In Cold Weather

Hearing Aids In Cold Weather

Getting your first set of hearing aids is a big step! A step in the right direction for better health and overall wellness! Giving your brain time to adjust to all the wonderful sounds you have been missing will take time. You have to be patient with yourself during this transition period. Along with acclimating to your new world of hearing, you also need to learn how to properly maintain your hearing aids. Just like you do general maintenance on your car (oil change and tire rotation), your hearing aids need similar care. You should be wearing your hearing aids all day, every day.

General maintenance are things such as:

  • Replacing batteries
  • Making sure you are opening the battery door at night
  • Making sure you are placing rechargeable hearing aids in their charger at night
  • Wiping the dome clean of wax or debris
  • Using a soft bristle toothbrush to wipe away debris

Along with general maintenance, there are other things you should be doing to properly care for your hearing aids during colder weather. Cold weather and moisture can damage your hearing aids! When you have to face colder weather as well as rain and snow your hearing aids are at risk of becoming damaged. The moisture from the weather (i.e snow or rain) and even your own perspiration can be very harmful to your hearing aids. If moisture gets into the hearing aid or even the battery compartment, it can cause issues that will either cause the device to stop working, or it will affect the sound quality you get from your hearing aids. Here are some tips and tricks to help you care for your hearing aids during the colder weather, how to know if your hearing aids have been damaged, and what to do if they are damaged.

How do you know if moisture has affected your hearing aids:

  • Hearing aid cuts in and out during loud noise
  • Hearing aids work intermittently
  • Sounds are distorted or unclear
  • Sound fades in and out
  • Hearing aid will not turn on despite new fresh battery or after being in the charger

How to troubleshoot if you suspect they are damaged:

  • First make sure that the hearing aid is on (has a new battery, battery is in correctly, filter is not clogged with wax)
  • Make sure your batteries are not corroded (if there is a white substance on the battery, replace it immediately)
  • If you suspect your hearing aids have gotten wet be sure open the battery door immediately to minimize damage
  • Place the aids in a dri-aid kit immediately to help reduce the moisture

How to properly care for your hearing aids in colder weather:

  • Walk with an umbrella if you are walking in the snow or rain
  • Make sure to keep your hearing aids out of extreme weather (do not leave them in the car or in your purse overnight)
  • Purchase a hearing aid drying kit
  • Continue all general maintenance (opening battery door at night/ charging hearing aids, wiping the hearing aid with Audio Wipes.

What can your audiologist do to help you out if your hearing aids are not functioning properly?

These simple tips will help you care for your hearing aids during the colder months! Here at Audiology Island we have everything you need to take care of your hearing aids all year round! Not only do we have all the supplies you will need here in our office, we are always available to troubleshoot any potential problems or answer any questions you may have. We are here because we treasure your hearing!

What can your audiologist do to help you out if your hearing aids are not functioning properly?

Here at Audiology Island we have very special equipment to ensure your hearing aids are working properly. Every hearing aid check we do is extremely thorough. We start with a listening check to hear how the aid is or is not functioning. Then we ensure all pieces are clean and are in good working condition, if they are not we replace them! This can include the battery, rubber dome, the wax filter, or even your hearing aid tubing or receiver. After that, we put the hearing aids in a special dehumidifying chamber that pulls out any excess moisture. We also have a vacuuming device that allows us to remove any sort of debris or wax, no matter how stubborn! And there is so much more we can do right here in the office! Once we do another listening check to ensure the hearing aids are functioning properly, we can run even more tests to be sure. We have a state of the art electroacoustic measurement microphone that we can use to make sure that your hearing aids are working exactly how they should be for you and your very own prescription.

What really sets Audiology Island apart is that not only will we clean and fix your hearing aids. We will put the time in to show you how to do it too. You also have the option to purchase your own materials from us, this way you can do your own basic cleaning in the comfort of your own home. We give you all the tools to have the most convenient experience with your hearing aids. We can teach you everything you need to know in order to take the best care of your hearing aids. If you ever have any issues we can fit you in as soon as possible for an appointment. We also offer walk-in drop-off appointments! If something is wrong with your hearing aids and you cannot seem to figure out why, just drop off for us to take care of it! We are here to help in any way that we can. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us!

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