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Audiology Island was founded with one purpose in mind- to bring new meaning to effective hearing healthcare.
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Free Trial

One Week Free Trial Of Hearing Aids!

Free Trial Of Hearing Aids

Try before you buy. We provide 7 day free, no obligation, no cost hearing aid trial. Many practices offer  45 day so-called trial, but you are required to make a down payment or pay in full before your trial begins. In those cases, it is not a trial, but simply a return privilege.

We offer a completely free, no obligation trial of the latest hearing aid technology. Call and make an appointment for your free trial.

Hearing loss is an issue that affects millions of Americans. All across the country, people become frustrated and feel alone due to their hearing loss.

Do you experience any of these issues in everyday listening situations?

• Often requiring other participants in your conversations to repeat what they have said
• Playing your TV so loudly that family members or even neighbors have complained
• Perceiving other people’s speech as mumbling and difficult to understand
• Having close friends or family disclose to you that they believe you are suffering from hearing loss

How will hearing aids enrich your life? Try them at home for free!

Modern hearing aids are light, comfortable to wear and discrete in appearance. So how can you find out if these devices may be right for you? The only way to know is to take an appropriately fitted device home for a free trial.

Hearing Aids Free

 After receiving an extensive audiological evaluation, our doctor of audiology will select a hearing aid that is right for your specific hearing loss and lifestyle needs. You’ll be individually fitted for comfort and ease of use, as well as receive a brief and easy to understand training about your hearing aid’s use and care.

Start Enjoying Conversation Again – A Free Trial of Hearing Aids Will Unlock Possibilities!

Hearing loss can sometimes make you feel isolated and left out. By trying hearing aids for free, you have nothing to lose. Many people aren’t even aware of the extent of their hearing loss until these devices enable them to hear at their fullest possible capacity. With no payment required for a free trial and satisfaction guaranteed for all purchases, you can return your hearing aids with no questions asked. Contact us today to experience the joy of corrected hearing!