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Hearing Aids

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Hearing aids are medical devices that require proper fitting by a doctor of Audiology. Your success with hearing aids highly depends on the knowledge and experience of the hearing care professional.

At Audiology Island, we offer the latest technology for evaluation and treatment of hearing loss. We work with every single hearing aid manufacturer that is available on the market and prescribe amplification based on the hearing loss and life-style of each individual. Our doctors of audiology have a wealth of experience in hearing health care and will offer you the best hearing devices which suit for your auditory needs.

Simply call us or fill the form in this page and our friendly patient coordinator team will promptly schedule you at session with our audiologist.

Hearing Aid Models

Take a look at some examples of the hearing aid models that we offer in our clinic:

Hearing Aids For Sale

Audiology Island clinic offers hearing aids at significantly lower prices. All types of hearing aids shipped US, excellent prices and no added delivery.
Find your hearing aids and get a 45-day risk-free trial.

Buy With Confidence From An Actual Hearing Clinic

Audiology Island is a well established hearing clinic in Staten Island. We have been serving our community since 2012.
Our doctors of Audiology are very well respected in the medical community. When it comes to referring patients for all hearing related issues,
most doctors on Staten Island always recommend Audiology Island first. If you are confused on where to get hearing aids from,
you can be assured that you will get the most comprehensive evaluation and the best advice possible from our doctors.

Huge Savings!

Because Audiology Island is a medical clinic, we offer a different model for hearing aid pricing, making it the lowest prices available on Staten Island. You will get the best services, the highest quality hearing aids and the lowest prices, guaranteed!

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    Complete Hearing Plan With Your Purchase

    When you come to Audiology Island we will take care of all your hearing needs. We will check your insurance benefit and if it covers hearing aids we will submit all the necessary paperwork for you, to make it as easy as possible. We participate with most insurance plans as well as Union plans.

    hearing aids refund policy

    45 Day Trial with Money Back Guarantee

    You have 45 days to try any hearing aid technology or style and see if it’s a good fit for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can always try a different style or technology or even return the hearing aids.

    Audioloy Island complementary hearing test

    Complementary Hearing Test & Consultation

    If you are not sure if you have a hearing problem, you are welcome to stop by our clinic for a free hearing screening that will show if there’s a hearing problem or not. If a full audiological evaluation is needed, our doctors of audiology will discuss further steps with you.

    Audiology Island no pressure hearing aids

    No Pressure to Buy Hearing Aids

    There is no pressure to buy, we encourage you to take your time to decide. After all, Audiology Island is the number one clinic on Staten Island that is trusted by the medical community.

    Patient Information

    Do you have questions about hearing aids? Do you need help placing an order?
    Would you like to exchange your device, or return your hearing aids? How can we help you?

    Once you are evaluated by one of our doctors of audiology, they will give an appropriate recommendation based on condition. Hearing aids will be recommended only in the case if they are appropriate for you. Hearing aids will be programmed according to your hearing test results. Once you go through the adjustment period you will be tested with the hearing aids to determine how well you are doing. With proper selection of the devices and counseling your hearing should improve with the use of hearing aids.

    An audiologist will evaluate your hearing impairment and suggest an appropriate device for you. You will be examined to understand the main cause behind the hearing loss and ideal hearing aids would be suggested for you.

    With the advancements in technology, hearing aids became smaller in size, more discreet and can fit completely inside of the ear canal. Once your hearing is evaluated, our doctors will determine if the invisible hearing aids are appropriate for you based on your hearing test results, the shape of your ear canal, your ability to handle small devices and your life-style.

    Please feel free to leave a message on (718) 980-0188. You can also write to us at our address on our contact us page. Full contact information can be found on the contact us page.

    According to New York State Law you have 45 day trial period, within which you can exchange or return your hearing aids.

    It takes time to get used to a hearing aid delivering sounds that you may not have heard for a while, so give yourself a chance to get used to your hearing aid but if it still doesn’t help simply send it back for your no quibble money back guarantee. Or you can try another one of our hearing aids that may suit you better for another thirty days. (See our returns policy)