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When it comes to choosing your hearing aid, we’ll help you find a device that feels tailor-made to your ear.

There are many different types of hearing aid design. Each has its own merits, which we’ll discuss in detail when you come to select your system.
Whichever design you choose, you can rest assured that all earpieces are custom made to fit snugly in your ear.
The six most common designs are:

hearing aid completely in the canal
Completely In The Canal

Like the IIC design, these models sit within your ear canal. They are slightly larger but still amazingly inconspicuous.

hearing aid in the canal
In The Canal

Slightly larger than the CIC design, these aids provide enhanced power and battery life.

hearing aid in the ear
In The Ear

This design sits comfortably in your outer ear. Being larger than the other in-ear designs, the controls are easier to adjust.

hearing aid behind the ear
Behind The Ear

Like the RIC, these aids also sit behind the ear and have a connect earpiece. Their slightly larger size increases power and battery life.

hearing aid receiver in the canal
Receiver In The Canal

This design has a very discrete but powerful unit that hides behind your ear, linked to a custom earpiece.

hearing aid open fit
Open Fit

Small, open-fit hearing aids fit behind the ear completely. A narrow tube is inserted into the ear canal, enabling the canal to remain open.


Brands of Hearing Aids

Choosing a doctor of audiology is one of the most important decisions an individual with a hearing impairment can make. Since hearing aids are medical devices and require a prescription, proper hearing aid recommendation and fitting is highly dependent on the knowledge, skill, and experience of the professional selecting the instrument. Here is best hearing aids brands 2021:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Patient Information

Do you have questions about hearing aids? Do you need help placing an order?
Would you like to exchange your device, or return your hearing aids? How can we help you?

Once you are evaluated by one of our doctors of audiology, they will give an appropriate recommendation based on condition. Hearing aids will be recommended only in the case if they are appropriate for you. Hearing aids will be programmed according to your hearing test results. Once you go through the adjustment period you will be tested with the hearing aids to determine how well you are doing. With proper selection of the devices and counseling your hearing should improve with the use of hearing aids.

An audiologist will evaluate your hearing impairment and suggest an appropriate device for you. You will be examined to understand the main cause behind the hearing loss and ideal hearing aids would be suggested for you.

With the advancements in technology, hearing aids became smaller in size, more discreet and can fit completely inside of the ear canal. Once your hearing is evaluated, our doctors will determine if the invisible hearing aids are appropriate for you based on your hearing test results, the shape of your ear canal, your ability to handle small devices and your life-style.

With the proper care and maintenance of hearing aids, they can last for many years. However, with the constant changes in technology we recommend upgrading your hearing aids every 3-5 years so that you could enjoy your hearing to the fullest with the latest technology available.

According to New York State Law you have 45 day trial period, within which you can exchange or return your hearing aids.

Most hearing aids today are water resistant, however we would advise not to swim with them. There is a hearing aid option that can be worn while swimming – Lyric. You can find out more information about this device under our hearing aid section.

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