Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon More Hearing Aids provide greater clarity and improved hearing, allowing users to live a more fulfilling life.

The built-in intelligence of these hearing aids distinguishes them. Oticon More with BrainHearing technology raises the bar in hearing healthcare. It is the world’s first hearing aid with an embedded Deep Neural Network (DNN). The DNN is trained on 12 million real life sounds to provide your brain with more information to decipher the intricate details of relevant sounds.

Model Overview

With Oticon More, you not only get superior sound quality, but you also now have more styles and more options to fit your lifestyle. Choose what suits you, all include a telecoil and two-way hands-free communication from select iPhone and iPad devices and direct streaming from select Android™ devices.* Both come in eight colors to match your personal style.

Oticon More - miniRITE T style

miniRITE T style

Oticon More miniRITE T style includes a telecoil and comes with disposable batteries for hassle free, immediate replacement of power.

Oticon More - miniRITE R style

miniRITE R style

Oticon More miniRITE R rechargeable style allows for overnight charging or charge on the go with our new SmartCharger.

Oticon More - miniBTE T style

miniBTE T style

Oticon More miniBTE T style is ideal for those who prefer disposable batteries.

Oticon More - miniBTE R style

miniBTE R style

Oticon More miniBTE R is available for those who want the convenience of a rechargeable hearing aid.

All New Colour Choices

The all new Oticon More Hearing Aids is available in 8 colours: chroma beige, terracotta, chestnut brown, silver, silver grey, steel grey, diamond black and hear pink. Choose the one that matches your preference.

Oticon More Chroma Beige colour

Chroma Beige

Oticon More Terracotta colour


Oticon More Chestnut Brown colour

Chestnut Brown

Oticon More Silver colour


Oticon More Silver Grey colour

Silver Grey

Oticon More Steel Grey colour

Steel Grey

Oticon More Diamond Black clolour

Diamond Black

Oticon More Hear Pink colour

Hear Pink

Key Features of Oticon More Hearing Aids

Oticon More Is a Brain Support Device

The Oticon More includes BrainHearingTM technology to improve sound quality. This cutting-edge hearing aid technology provides the brain with more of the information it requires to gather and make sense of sound. This improves understanding of speech patterns and language. Furthermore, the device has been designed with enhanced features to provide a higher level of result.

To accomplish this, it sends up to 30% more sound to the brain than other hearing aids on the market. It is known for its ability to improve speech comprehension by up to 15%.

BrainHearingTM technology allows people to reduce their listening effort by up to 30%, allowing you to get the results you need – improved hearing, improved ability to use information, and improved brain function.

Stop Ignoring Sounds You Want to Hear

One of the primary advantages of investing in Oticon More hearing aids is that you will have better access to sound quality. Deep Neural Network is also included in the Oticon More (DNN). This one-of-a-kind technology is built directly into the hearing aid chip. It is the world’s first hearing aid to offer this cutting-edge technology, so you benefit from a slew of enhancements.

DNN is unique in that it is trained on over 12 million real-world sounds. These are sounds that can provide your brain with more of the information it requires to gather and decipher the sounds it detects. This enables it to provide more intricate and relevant sounds to the brain.

Take Advantage of More Conversations

The Oticon More allows people to stay connected to their surroundings by providing a higher level of sound quality. It also provides users with a variety of connectivity options. This helps to ensure that you have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality listening experiences at all times. You can go about your day with more confidence because you can hear and understand what’s going on around you better. The Oticon More provides the following core connectivity options:

– Direct streaming service for iPhone® and select Android devices
– Use any smartphone to make hands-free calls – Connect a remote microphone using ConnectClip to allow phone calls – Use the Oticon ON App to control the hearing aid discreetly, including changing frequencies and sound levels – Using the provided adapter, you can directly stream sounds from your favorite tablets, computers, TVs, and other devices.

Long-lasting Performance

The Oticon More is built to last, allowing users to stay connected to their surroundings on a consistent basis. It includes the Oticon More miniRITE R. This is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It provides consistent power for a full day’s use (keep in mind that this can change from time to time).

This level of battery life is sufficient for the average person to stream audio for hours on end. It takes about three hours to charge to full capacity. Because of the high quality and advanced battery included, recharging is simple but not as frequent as with other competitors. These are not disposable batteries, so you won’t have to replace them as frequently, which means less money to worry about on a regular basis.

There is also a quick charge feature. This enables the batteries to be charged in 30 minutes. The quick charge provides up to six hours of additional power to keep users going.

While offering all of these features, the Oticon More is stylish and difficult to notice. It is intended to be a simple, compact device that is easy to transport and use on a daily basis. It’s a comfortable, all-purpose hearing aid built with cutting-edge technology.

It comes in eight different colors to suit any taste. It’s intended for those who lead an active lifestyle and want hands-free communication from their devices, as well as a hearing aid that meets today’s most difficult needs.

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    Patient Information

    Oticon More Hearing Aids are appropriate for people who have mild, moderate, severe, or profound hearing loss.

    Yes. If the batteries are charged quickly, the quick charge can provide up to six hours of power to keep users going.

    No, not directly. However, if you create a “applet” in which your hearing aid is affected by other events, such as turning on the TV or ringing the doorbell, that will control your hearing aid.

    Except for the action to read out text, all actions and triggers work on both platforms. For the time being, this is only available on iOS for all Oticon Bluetooth® enabled devices as well as ASHA enabled Android devices with Oticon MoreTM devices.

    The ON app is required to connect to IFTTT and provides discreet remote control access to your Oticon Bluetooth enabled hearing aids. However, neither IFTTT nor the ON app are required to be used with the hearing aids.