Phonak Audeo Lumity Hearing Aids

Phonak Lumity, their newest platform, has been announced, and the new line will include three rechargeable models. While the three styles do not appear to be significantly different from the previous Paradise generation, they do provide an improvement in speech processing and speech understanding.

The Lumity platform now runs AutoSense 5.0, but it retains many of Phonak’s existing and recently released features, such as Roger compatibility, Bluetooth connection to up to eight devices, and a waterproof model.

Model Overview

There are four technology levels in the Phonak Audeo Lumity hearing aid range. These are:

Phonak Audeo L-R model

Audeo L-R

• Receiver-in-Canal
• Battery: Built-in rechargeable hearing aid
• Mild to profound hearing loss
• Health data tracking**
• Direct connectivity to iOS and Android
• Tap Control

Phonak Audeo L-RT model

Audeo L-RT

• Receiver-in-Canal with telecoil
• Battery: Built-in rechargeable hearing aid
• Mild to profound hearing loss
• Health data tracking**
• Direct connectivity to iOS and Android
• Tap Control
• Telecoil

Phonak Audeo Life Lumity model

Audeo Life Lumity

• Receiver-in-Canal
• Battery: Built-in rechargeable hearing aid
• Mild to profound hearing loss
• Health data tracking**
• Direct connectivity to iOS and Android
• Tap Control
• Waterproof

All New Colour Choices

The all new Phonak Audeo Lumity Hearing Aids is available in 13 colors:
velvet black, silver gray, sand beige, graphite gray, chestnut, chanpagne and beige. Choose the one that matches your preference.

Phonal Audeo Lumity Velvet Black

Velvet Black

Phonak Audeo Lumity Silver Gray

Silver Gray

Phonak Audeo Lumity Sand Beige

Sand Beige

Phonak Audeo Lumity Graphite Gray

Graphite Gray

Phonak Audeo Lumity Chestnut


Phonak Audeo Lumity Champagne


Phonak Audeo Lumity Beige


Key Features of Phonak Audeo Lumity Hearing Aids


The latest lithium-ion rechargeable systems have made everyday hearing aid use more convenient, and rechargeable hearing aids have taken over the industry. However, this is the first time a manufacturer has released a line without a disposable battery option. According to reports, a standard battery option will be available at a later date.

ActiveVent by Phonak

These new Phonak smart receivers open when you need better speech intelligibility and close when you need better music streaming quality. Phonak ActiveVent is the world’s first smart receiver of its kind. Prior to ActiveVent, hearing aid users had to remove their open or vented dome/earmold and replace it with an unvented dome/earmold in order to trap in the low-frequencies and achieve a better bass sound. When Lumity users use the ActiveVent Receiver, they get the best of both worlds. It will remain open when they require improved voice intelligibility. It will close to improve quality when they want to start streaming music into their hearing aids. According to Phonak’s Field Study, ActiveVent users achieve 10% better speech understanding in addition to improved music quality.

Speech comprehension

Recent advancements in hearing technology have focused on speech understanding in difficult environments. Phonak has developed SmartSpeech Technology to improve on this even further. SmartSpeech makes use of Phonak’s most recent speech processing algorithm, AutoSense 5.0.

StereoZoom technology

Phonak’s directional microphone program, StereoZoom, is an adaptive algorithm that focuses directional microphones on speech in a noisy environment, such as a restaurant or party. Phonak has previously published research on the beneficial effects of StereoZoom on hearing aid users. However, this feature occasionally left patients feeling “boxed in,” and in some situations, users may have desired more sound from their sides (or even behind them). Phonak has improved the beam-forming in StereoZoom 2.0 to adapt to the environment and give the patient more of the sound around them. The new myPhonak smartphone app also includes a feature that allows the user to manually override the StereoZoom when necessary.

SpeechSensor technology

Phonak’s new speech detection algorithm is called SpeechSensor. This new program enables Lumity wearers to hear more conversations on the sides or behind them. Even though most conversations take place in front of us, there are some speech sounds that we prefer to hear from the sides or behind us. Lumity users should be able to hear these conversations without turning their heads as frequently as they did previously.

Extensive connectivity features

Phonak Lumity supports iOS® and AndroidTM smartphones, TVs, Roger devices, and wireless accessories. Your Phonak Lumity hearing aids can connect to all of your favorite devices thanks to universal connectivity. Make true hands-free calls and pair up to eight Bluetooth® enabled devices while two are connected at the same time.

Phonak Audéo LifeTM Lumity Waterproof

The world’s first waterproof rechargeable hearing aid, now in its second generation, can be submerged in up to 12 meters of fresh, pool, or salt water. It’s the ideal solution for people who want to understand speech clearly even in physically demanding situations, or who want a hearing aid that can withstand strenuous activity.

Keep track of your health

With the myPhonak app, you can control your hearing aids from anywhere and at any time. It also allows you to keep track of your health data. For a truly personalized hearing experience, the myPhonak app even allows you to connect directly with your clinic.

Roger technology

Roger technology, when combined with Phonak Lumity, improves speech understanding in noise and over distance. This allows you to fully participate in conversations in a variety of difficult situations, such as meetings, school, or a restaurant.

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    Patient Information

    Lumity hearing aids can accommodate hearing losses ranging from mild to severe to profound, and your HCP can choose from five different receivers (speakers) to meet your hearing loss needs.

    On the hearing aid casing of all three Lumity RIC hearing instruments is a multi-function button. This button serves as an on/off switch and can also be programmed to control volume and/or program change. You can also control your hearing aids with the free myPhonak smart phone app, or have your hearing care provider order a RemoteControl simple control for an additional fee.

    Which technology, and, more specifically, which hearing aid model and brand, works best for you should be discussed with your hearing care provider. Ask questions and make sure you understand all of your options.

    Yes, Lumity has tinnitus features that can be controlled by your hearing care provider, and the volume of the tinnitus noise generator can be controlled via the myPhonak app.

    Your hearing care provider can set up to four different listening programs for you.