Signia Active Hearing Aids

Signia Active hearing aids will easily change your idea of hearing aids. Made with the most advanced technology, these hearing aids are virtually invisible. Moreover, this bonus does not harm the functionality of the devices. They’ll suit everyone and practically have no analogs in terms of price/quality ratio.

Signia hearing aids are easily suitable for people with different types of ears, as their design is thought out to the smallest detail. Increase your efficiency with the help of these inconspicuous but irreplaceable assistants! Now you don’t have to be shy about bulky and ugly devices, choose a model to your liking that’ll perfectly fit the situation. With modern hearing aids, you’ll always be confident in yourself!

Model Overview

Signia Active X comes in two performance levels: Active X and Active Pro X.

Signia Active X

Lower price point
Fitting Range: mild to moderate
Channels: 16
Bluetooth streaming
Recharge on-the-go
AI Digital Assist
Own Voice Processing
Tinnitus management
Total Spatial Speech Focus
Instant Fit
Supported Apps: Signia App

Signia Active X Pro

Fitting Range: mild to moderate
Channels: 48
Bluetooth streaming
Recharge on-the-go
AI Digital Assist
Own Voice Processing
Tinnitus management
Total Spatial Speech Focus
Instant Fit
Includes 3 customizable sound presets
Supported Apps: Signia App

All New Colour Choices

Both the Signia Active X and Signia Active Pro X are available in three color options: Snow White/Rose Gold, Black/Silver, and Black.

White & Rose Gold
Black & Silver
All Black

Key Features of Signia Active Hearing Aids

Signia’s hearing aids are made with the idea of providing people with a perfect sound picture of the world around them. A person must fully perceive the world with all his senses, and our hearing plays a huge role in this.

The ideal connection

Hearing aids can be easily connected to an iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth to achieve the purest sound. Android users need a special device called Streamline Mic for this. Enjoy your favorite content the way it was intended by its authors! Your favorite movies and music will play with new colors. The ease of connection allows users of any age category to enjoy their favorite media content.

Brilliant sound

Thanks to The Signia Xperience, an unprecedented level of sound quality is achieved. Experience advanced technology!

Enhanced speech understanding

Even in the noisiest place, you can perfectly hear the voice of the interlocutor.

Automatic situation detection

Whatever you do and wherever you are, you won’t miss anything. No more restrictions.


Almost 30 hours of operation on a single charge! You are always fully armed, as you can charge them in just 3 hours. Is it too long for you? Do not worry, fast charging in just 30 minutes will fill the battery enough.

Instant Fit Product

Signia’s Click Sleeves 2.0 work wonders. With their help, hearing aids are completely universal. Choose the right size and enjoy the perfect comfort. Forget those times when hearing aids were constantly popping out of your ears. It’s in the past. Nothing should distract you from your favorite activities!

Signia App

The Signia App is designed for quick and convenient configuration of your devices. A special application allows you to change various settings, such as volume or tone change, for example. There is also a currently relevant feature called Signia Face Mask Mode. As you can guess from the description, this function will simplify the understanding of the interlocutor using a protective mask. Your audiologist can set up your device correctly.

Signia Xperience technology

Using the groundbreaking Signia Xperience technology, the Active X delivers high resolution audio offering the best speech clarity from any direction in noise. With automatic sound sensors, this hearing aids will meet the challenges of all acoustic situations.

Signia-Xperience features

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    Complete Hearing Plan With Your Purchase

    When you come to Audiology Island we will take care of all your hearing needs. We will check your insurance benefit and if it covers hearing aids we will submit all the necessary paperwork for you, to make it as easy as possible. We participate with most insurance plans as well as Union plans.

    hearing aids refund policy
    45 Day Trial with Money Back Guarantee

    You have 45 days to try any hearing aid technology or style and see if it’s a good fit for you. If for some reason you are not satisfied, you can always try a different style or technology or even return the hearing aids.

    Audioloy Island complementary hearing test
    Complementary Hearing Test & Consultation

    If you are not sure if you have a hearing problem, you are welcome to stop by our clinic for a free hearing screening that will show if there’s a hearing problem or not. If a full audiological evaluation is needed, our doctors of audiology will discuss further steps with you.

    Audiology Island no pressure hearing aids
    No Pressure to Buy Hearing Aids

    There is no pressure to buy, we encourage you to take your time to decide. After all, Audiology Island is the number one clinic on Staten Island that is trusted by the medical community.

    Patient Information

    Surely you have accumulated several questions about the purchase and operation of hearing aids.
    Let’s answer the most common ones.

    People with moderate to mild hearing loss will find Active X Pro hearing aids to be the most effective.

    The Active X hearing aids can be easily connected to any modern device. Enjoy your favorite media content at any time.

    Just 3 hours of charging allow them to work for about 26 hours. A full charge provides workability for about 3 days. In addition, you can always use power bank.

    Yes, quick charge is available. Half an hour of charging allows you to use hearing aids from 3 to five hours, depending on the usage scenario. There is no need to wait for hours around the wall plug anymore!

    The hearing aids themselves do not have controls. To set them up, use a phone app called Signia App.