Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids

The newest flagship hearing aid line from Starkey is called Genesis AI. It offers the longest rechargeable battery life in the industry, faster processing, and an entirely new design.

The hearing sector has a new beginning with Genesis AI. It is the only hearing technology system that boasts an entirely new processor, entirely new sound, entirely new design, entirely new fitting software, and an entirely new patient experience. It has been completely reimagined from the inside out.

Model Overview

There are four technology levels in the Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids range. These are:

Genesis AI 24

Has 24 programming channels for more refined customization
Offers 35dB wind noise reduction
Offers 22 dB speech in noise reduction
Offers all special features like Edge Mode, fitness tracking, tap control, translation, assistant, and transcription

Genesis AI 20

Has 20 programming channels for customization
Offers 19dB wind noise reduction
Offers 12 dB speech in noise reduction
Does not offer tap control or translation but does offer Edge Mode, transcription and assistant

Genesis AI 16

Has 16 programming channels for customization
Offers 10 dB wind noise reduction
Offers 8 dB speech in noise reduction
Does not offer transcription, tap control or translation but does offer Edge Mode and assistant

Genesis AI 12

Has 12 programming channels for customization
Offers 10 dB wind noise reduction
Offers 8 dB speech in noise reduction
Does not offer Edge Mode, assistant, transcription, translation or tap control

All New Colour Choices

The all new Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids is available in 7 colors: beige, caramel, chestnut, graphite gray, silver, tech black and white.
Choose the one that matches your preference.

Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - white color


Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - tech black color

Tech Black

Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - silver color


Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - graphite gray color

Graphite Gray

Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - chestnut color


Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - caramel color


Starkey Genesis AI Hearing Aids - beige color


Key Features of Starkey Evolv AI Hearing Aids

The fifth-largest hearing aid producer in the world is Starkey. The company’s hearing aids are frequently contrasted with Widex, Signia, Phonak, Oticon, ReSound, and Signia.

We could say a lot about the subtle distinctions between each product line, but Starkey stands out as the clear winner in a few areas.

Longest Battery Life

The battery life of the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids is up to 51 hours on a single charge. That is undoubtedly the longest in the sector; Signia Pure Charge&Go comes in at about 40 hours behind it.

Innovative Extra Features

The hearing aid with the most features is the Starkey Genesis AI. For those looking for the utmost in smart technology, Starkey stands out with features like AI sound processing, fitness tracking, turbocharging, fall detection, and even real-time language translation. The drawback is that less tech-savvy users can find all these capabilities bewildering.

U.S. Based

The only significant international producer with a U.S. headquarters is Starkey.

Care Model

Only nearby clinics sell the prescription drug Starkey Genesis AI.
After an initial in-person fitting, your hearing specialist may update your Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids remotely thanks to built-in telehealth features.

Sound Quality Notes

The basic sound architecture of Starkey hearing aids is strong and puts speech above noise. AI is used in Starkey’s Edge Mode to reduce background noise and improve clarity. The top four technology levels (24, 20, 16 and 12) now support Edge Mode.


The exterior of the Starkey Genesis AI is brand-new and sits behind the ear. For more information on Starkey’s other unique devices, click here. The new design is sleek and resembles recent consumer electronics from Samsung and Apple.
The mRIC version of Genesis is a little more compact micro design. Instead of 51 hours, that size gets a 41-hour charge, which is still impressive. In addition to Beige, Graphite Grey, White, Tech Black, Silver, Chestnut, and Caramel, Genesis is also available in seven other colors.‍


Styled from behind the ear All of the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are Bluetooth-enabled for use with iPhones and Android phones. With an iPhone, you can make hands-free calls while keeping your phone in your pocket. Android phones stream calls directly to your ears, but you must keep your phone nearby to use it as a microphone.


Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are in line with other leaders in terms of dexterity. The recharging case is easy to use for most people
In-the-ear style hearing aids might be more appropriate for anyone who has difficulty placing the receiver wire in their ear.

Waterproof level

With an IP Rating of IP68, the Starkey Genesis AI hearing aid can be submerged for a short period of time without experiencing any problems.

App features

The Starkey app is jam-packed with cutting-edge features.
Everyday: Use different hearing control tools to change hearing aid settings, stream calls, and locate missing hearing aids.
Wellness: Accurately track engagement, count steps, and assist in achieving well-being objectives.
Extras: Use features to simplify your life, such as language translation and reminders.


Starkey offers a range of accessories, including chargers, microphones, TV streamers, and remote controllers. Discuss your objectives with your hearing specialist so they can guide your accessory selection.

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    Patient Information

    Starkey asserts that their AI can lessen listening effort and further enhance speech clarity. This is as a result of their deep neural network (DNN) engine’s onboard training to imitate the way human hearing system interprets and “hears” sound.

    With a life of up to 51 hours (without streaming), Starkey’s Genesis AI RIC RT is now the longest-lasting lithium-ion rechargeable battery in the market. With its smaller mRIC R design, the battery life is just a little bit shorter, at up to 41 hours.

    Yes, all of Starkey’s hearing aids use their Multiflex Tinnitus Technology sound therapy. With the help of a hearing care professional, this can be configured and tailored for your particular needs. Relax, an iOS and Android-compatible tinnitus app from Starkey, is also available.