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Pediatric Services


Audiology Island is considered a premier provider in pediatric audiology. We provide hearing evaluations and rehabilitation services for infants and children of all ages and developmental levels. Our primary focus is on prevention, early detection and treatment of hearing loss in children. Hearing loss in children can often go unidentified or dismissed as a developmental delay, therefore early detection and intervention is paramount. We strive to give you and your child all of the information and support needed to make the best decisions regarding audiological monitoring and treatment options, including pediatric hearing aids from top manufacturers such as Phonak, Siemens and Oticon. We offer state of the art technology to improve hearing and aural rehabilitation therapy for your child’s transition through every stage, from the diagnostic hearing assessment to the educational consultations. We also offer custom ear protection, cochlear implant services, newborn hearing evaluations and auditory processing evaluations. We will take great care to outline the communication options that will be most suitable for your child. Your child will have access to the most advanced technologies and hearing aids for children coupled with our pediatric audiologist’s expertise and support.

First steps in evaluating your child for hearing loss:

  • Welcome your kiddo and get them acclimated to our test booth and headphones.
    • We want your child to see the audiologist is not a scary place, we are here to play some listening games! Sometimes the first appointment includes playing games and making sure your child is comfortable with us to proceed with testing. We have light up toys and hungry monkeys to keep your kiddo busy while we gain an idea of what your concerns are as a parent or guardian and why you are interested or were recommended to proceed with a hearing evaluation.
  • Obtaining information can entail a few sessions, and this is completely normal!
    • First we are looking to see that your child does not have wax build up in the ear canal. We also want to look for fluid or congestion in the middle ear. Next, we will evaluate how he/she responds to speech and different tones. Our tests include both objective and behavioral measures which serves as a check and balance to ensure the information we are obtaining is reliable and correct. Sometimes obtaining this information can take a few sessions, but it is important that our information is accurate and that you and your child are informed and comfortable about the process.
  • Now we have determined your child does or does not have a hearing loss. What are the next steps?
    • My Child Has a Fluctuating Hearing Loss
      • Follow up will include: frequent monitoring, medical intervention and possibly assistive listening devices
    • My Child Has a Permanent Hearing Loss
      • Pediatric hearing aids, aural rehabilitation and an educational component
    • My Child Does Not Have a Hearing Loss, but I Still Have Concerns About Their Listening Abilities (ages 7+)
      • Auditory processing pre-evaluation followed by a comprehensive evaluation if red flags are discovered. SHould we find weaknesses in auditory processing, we do offer auditory training and therapy to help remediate your child’s difficulties.
    • My Child does not have a hearing loss and I have no further concerns
      • We have ruled out hearing loss for your child and we are confident they have the auditory tools to develop speech and language. Should any other concerns arise, please feel free to contact us for another evaluation in the future.

 Pediatric Hearing Aids and What Do They Cost?

  • Manufacturers that we recommend for pediatric hearing loss:

  • Oticon Sensei
  • Phonak Sky- V
  • Signia Pure; Motion & Insio

Prices starting at $66.00 per month with 0% financing for 12 months