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Children and Hearing

We provide personal and individualized treatment as premier pediatric audiologists. New York families can read more about our pediatric services and their benefits below.

Why choose a pediatric Audiologist?

There are many reasons children benefit from seeing a health care expert trained specifically to care for pediatrics. It takes a health care team with the skill, knowledge, focus, experience and specialized training in pediatrics to be able to offer the very best care for kids.

Children are not tiny adults. It takes the discerning eye of a hearing health care professional who is highly experienced in caring for children to be able to make them comfortable in order to obtain an accurate hearing evaluation and implement the needed intervention.

Children and HearingKids are physiologically different than adults, therefore our health care team knows exactly how to use the right approach, both physically and from audiological perspective. And, of course, children communicate differently than adults, so we make certain we are able to answer kids’ questions and help them feel at ease.

With our team of highly specialized pediatric audiologists, New York and Staten Island families have access to hearing tests and evaluations for infants and children of all ages and developmental levels. Our primary focus is on early detection and treatment of hearing loss. We strive to give you and your child complete information and support for making the best decisions about treatment options, technology to improve hearing, and communication options. Your child has access to the most advanced technologies and expert services including diagnostic hearing assessment and educational consultation.