Audiology Home Visits

Audiologist Home Visits

Our hearing care experts can come to your home. We understand that, particularly right now, it might not always be feasible to visit one of our clinics. We have expanded our hearing care services in order to assist you in the convenience of your own home.

Our devoted staff of audiologists is available to visit you at home and offer you individualized care since they are committed to their clients.

If the service is offered where you live, an audiologist from Audiology Island can pay you a visit and use the most up-to-date computerized technology to conduct a comprehensive, expert hearing test in the convenience of your own home.

Our Audiology Home Visit Services

Our hearing care specialists will listen to your hearing difficulties and provide you with the highest caliber of care and sanitization. Home visitation services may consist of:

  • Hearing test and diagnosis
  • Hearing aid fitting and programming
  • Hearing aid maintenance and repairs
  • Hearing healthcare visits for the elderly in a care home or assisted living accommodation
  • Hearing aid adjustments
  • Hearing healthcare aftercare and follow up appointments


A licensed and experienced audiologist will do our home visit visits, checking your hearing as completely and with the same attention to detail as they would in one of our clinics.

What Happens During a Home Visit?

  • To ensure the most accurate understanding of your hearing condition, we recommend having someone with you during the consultation, such as a family member, friend, or caregiver, who is familiar with your hearing history. An audiologist will use an otoscope to inspect your ears for any blockages, such as earwax, that may affect your hearing. If your ears are clear, they will proceed with the hearing test using headphones, asking you to respond to each sound you hear, testing each ear individually.
  • After completing the evaluation, your results will be shared with you immediately, helping you understand how we can improve your hearing. During your visit, you’ll have the opportunity to explore our range of hearing aids, discover your options, and even proceed with a purchase if you wish. Regardless of the level of your hearing loss, we are here to provide guidance on maintaining your hearing health.

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Book Your At-Home/Mobile Audiology Visit

If you’re seeking assistance with your hearing but are unable to visit any of our Audiology Island clinics currently, we offer a convenient home visitation service. This service includes advanced hearing assessments, fittings, and follow-up care for your hearing aids, all available at your doorstep. To schedule an at-home visit, please fill out the request form below or contact one of our offices.

Patient Information

The benefits of home visits for hearing healthcare are numerous. However, the major arguments usually center around the fact that it is more affordable for a more customized service, more convenient, and better for the elderly.

  • Amplification of hearing aids in the most authentic setting.
  • Personalized help with setting up, utilizing, and caring for your hearing aids.
  • A more relaxed environment and a more friendly relationship with your hearing healthcare professional.
  • More convenient.
  • Perfect for people who are unable to attend a clinic due to logistical difficulties.

Our home visits serve as a solution for people who require a quick and easy approach to get their hearing tested in addition to those who are unable to leave their homes. We take great satisfaction in always being open and honest about our costs, offerings, hearing aid models, and aftercare. No hidden fees or fine print—you get exactly what you see! Here are the features and benefits of visiting our audiologist at their clinic, along with the price of the hearing aids.

These are:

  • Full hearing test
  • Fitting and programming
  • Fully professional and qualified audiologist
  • More choice fo hearing aid models and brands
  • Truly independent
  • Transparent and competitive prices (upto 40% off the highstreet prices)
  • Aftercare for the life of the hearing aids
  • Manufacturers warranty

Call us at (888) 995-5655 to schedule your at-home hearing evaluation or to speak with one of our audiologists about any questions you may have about our hearing healthcare home visiting services in your area.

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