Custom Hearing Protection

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We live in a very noisy world. If exposed to loud sounds for a continuous periods of time it can can damage your hearing, leading to hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing in the ears).

Permanent noise-induced hearing damage (sensorineural hearing loss) is incurable. Hearing protection comes in so many styles, materials, color, and sizes – how can you know which is best for you?

Whether you are an athlete, musician, producer or casual listener, Audiology Island has the most innovative hearing protection products to fit your needs.

Custom Hearing Protection for Musicians

Musicians, from classical orchestras to rock groups, are exposed to high decibel ranges. Hearing is important to the livelihood of a musician. Musical performance may create sounds loud enough to cause permanent hearing loss. Some hearing loss in musicians may be considered occupational hearing loss, and it may interfere with the musician’s ability to perform the daily tasks of his or her profession (Sataloff, 1991).

Musicians suffer not just from hearing loss but also a ringing in their ears and various pitch-perception problems. Music lovers should be modest in the length of time and level of loud music to which they expose their ears. Many performing musicians use ear monitors to regulate the levels of sound they absorb on the stage while performing.

In-ear monitors are devices used by musicians to listen to music or to hear a custom mix of vocals and stage instrumentation for live performance or recording studio mixing. They are often custom fitted for an individual’s ears and provide a high level of noise reduction from ambient surroundings. Depending on the quality of the fit and length of the ear canal, a custom fit in-ear monitor will generally provide somewhere between 25 and 35 dB of noise reduction.

Musicians who do not need amplified playback in their ears may benefit from custom-fitted musicians’ earplugs. These are non-electrical earplugs fitted with custom filters to make specific sounds in the music spectrum softer, while not compromising the overall musical experience. Ordinary ear plugs cut off high-frequency sounds, making voices muffled and the timbre of music dull. The natural sound from musicians’ ear plugs solves this problem by reducing the volume you hear without distorting the sounds.

Both in-ear monitors and musicians’ ear plugs can be custom made and fitted by a licensed hearing-care professional to each musician’s personal needs.

Sataloff, R.T. (1991). Hearing loss in musicians. American Journal of Otology, 12(2), 122-127.

Safe listening earphones for Kids

We offer headphones that are specifically made for children. They provide safe sound output while maintaining exceptional sound quality. By controlling earphone sensitivity, it is not necessary to restrict the volume setting on the player. Even at the maximum volume setting your child will be able to listen safely. And because these earphones block background noise, and provide high-definition sound quality, your child will be able to hear every detail, and won’t complain that the volume is too low.

Custom Swim Molds

Children that are recovering from ear infections or ear surgery, as well as those with chronic conditions such as drainage, should keep their ear canals dry. Custom swim molds are Ideal for bathing, showering or swimming and can be ordered in a wide variety of colors and there is even a glitter option for that personalized touch.

Hearing Protection Products

Hunting earplugs

Hunting, shooting, and sudden noise. A filter instantaneously closes when damaging noise levels are reached. Allows essentially normal hearing at all other times.

Music earplugs

Ideal for performing musicians and concert-goers. Also great for flight attendants, bartenders, waiters, dental professionals. Allows wearer to hear sounds accurately but at reduced levels. Have 3 filter options: 9dB, 15dB or 25dB.

Swimming earplugs

For swimming and showering – and they FLOAT! Also provide superb noise reduction.

iCustom earplugs

For use with any bud/button style earphones.

DefendEar 1 earplugs
DefendEar 1

Amplification for situational awareness. Noise attenuation when you pull the trigger.

DefendEar 2 earplugs
DefendEar 2

Game mode: Optimized for intermittent shots. Clay mode: Optimized for continued shots.

DefendEar Hunter eaplugs
DefendEar Hunter

Normal mode: provides standard Digital 1 features. Wind Reduction mode: Ideal for shooting in windy conditions.

Our Doctors of Audiology

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If you cannot reduce your noise exposure by turning down the volume, moving away from the sound, or limiting the time you are exposed, hearing protection would be the best option for you. Call us today and our doctors will be able to recommend the right solution for all your needs.

Patient Information

When you come to Audiology Island, our doctors will discuss different options with you. They will perform a candidacy evaluation by looking in your ears and will demonstrate active hearing protection that would be the most appropriate solution for you based on your lifestyle, and needs.

The best hearing protection is the one that can attenuate sound so that it is protecting your hearing from damaging noise exposure, and at the same time is comfortable enough so that you could wear it continuously when needed.
Custom ear plugs are considered to be the most comfortable ear noise protection, as they are precisely custom fitted to your ears. Ear mold Impressions are taken by an audiologist and sent out to a specific manufacturer, where the ear plugs are made. They can come in different types of materials as well as colors.

When we talk about kids we have to be able to differentiate between child hearing protection and ear protection for swimming. Often children who undergo surgery for middle ear fluid are recommended custom swim-plugs that could be made in our clinic. If we are talking about protecting your child’s hearing from noise exposure we would recommend two options. For younger children we recommend hearing protection headphones that fit over the ears and are very comfortable. For teenagers, we can make custom earplugs with different filters that can be fit precisely to their ears.

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