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It is a big step to decide to address your hearing. Many people delay this important medical decision simply because they are overwhelmed with the entire process. Picking up the phone, scheduling the appointment and going forward with hearing amplification is not always easy.

Taking advantage of Telemedicine can simplify the process as well as ease any anxiety that one may have in relation to addressing your hearing.

Telecare, at Audiology Island has not only been utilized successfully with patients abroad, but has made its way into our arual rehabilitation and auditory processing services.

What is TeleAudiology?

TeleAudiology is a general term that is used to describe hearing health and hearing aid related services from a distance. This is done with the use of various telecommunication systems, including wireless phone technology. Audiologists can to reach out with patients, reduce obstacles, make needed programming changes to patient’s hearing aids, improve satisfaction all while avoiding travel and transportation time and cost. In addition, Telehealth has given an opportunity for the significant other or a caregiver to be more involved in the patient’s hearing care. It is all too often that the family is the one that may notice breakdowns in the communication and the function of a hearing device. With the use of telecare these breakdowns can be resolved quickly and effectively, leading to happier and more satisfied patients.

With Teleaudiology the more traditional face-to-face model of hearing care can be modified to fit the needs of those individuals that are not able to make it to the office. With current hearing aid technology, we can now provide the needed fittings and adjustments of hearing aids with telecare monitoring. If you are at home or in a restaurant setting and experience some sort of difficulty hearing, you can reach out to us right away and we will be able to make the needed adjustments based on the presenting concerns. Secure video conferencing can also be used to speak, demonstrate and counsel the patient regarding their device or other hearing related needs.

The Benefits of Digital TeleCare

The benefits of digital telecare are in line with other professions that have been well documented and reported on when it comes to telemedicine.

  • Convenience Through video Web chat, or phone, our audiologists can follow up quickly and address questions or concerns in a similar manner as if it was an office environment.
  • Less time in the waiting room Although at Audiology Island we pride ourselves on the short wait times, we do have patients waiting to get picked up by a car service or access-a-ride. Telecare eliminates the wait times and the inconvenience it may cause when waiting to get back to your daily routines.
  • Privacy assurance Telemedicine complies with HIPAA laws, which aim to prevent private or secure medical documents from being leaked. At Audiology Island we take your privacy very seriously and have made sure to utilize only the approved medical interface to provide digital telecare services.

TeleAudiology Services at Audiology Island

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Here at Audiology Island we always strive to provide hearing care to patients and their family in the most efficient and easiest way possible. Knowing that there is a shortage of hearing health professionals, we want to stay up to date on the most cutting edge technology and the delivery model of such telecare services. Telecare has provided us the tools we need to give the much needed access to the hearing health that everyone deserves. With the advances in hearing technology, we are now able to offer Teleaudiology. Improving communication is the ultimate goal for our hearing care professionals, and with the use of Teleaudiology, this goal can now be reached in the comfort of your own homes and not just in our office.

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