Power One Size 13 Rechargeable Battery (1 battery)


Rechargeable batteries are considered to be the most environmentally friendly batteries, because they can be reused. Power One size 13 rechargeable batteries can be used only with Signia, Siemens, Rexton and Miracle ear specific hearing aid models only. Please check with your provider if these batteries are compatible with your hearing aids prior to purchase.

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Power One Size 13 rechargeable hearing aid batteries can replace the need to constantly stock up on standard hearing aid batteries. What they offer:

What Is It?

  • Power One Rechargeable Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Size 13 – color code Orange
  • 1 cell in each packet
  • 1 packet per each order

What Does It Do?

  • Environmental friendly
  • Mercury free
  • Recharged within 2 hours

Can Be Used With:

  • Suitable with hearing aids using size 13 batteries. Note that rechargeable batteries are not recommended for hearing aids high energy consumption.

About power one

Manufactured in Germany, power one batteries are amongst the world’s top selling hearing aid batteries. They combine the highest quality and reliability giving a long life and maximum comfort.

If you’re placing an order for someone else and are unsure of which size battery to order, please contact us and we can help confirm the battery size. Call us or email info@audiologyisland.com or use the website chat service on the left of this page.


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