Signia Dry&Clean Charger

Original price was: $475.Current price is: $400.

This charger is excellent if you have moisture problems with your hearing aids because it uses UV-C light to dry and sanitize them. It also gets rid of moisture while eliminating bacteria and viruses!

Compatible with all Signia Pure Charge&Go AX Hearing Aids (including CROS and T-coil versions).

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The brand-new Signia Dry & Clean charger represents the pinnacle of modern charging technology. In addition to charging hearing aids, Dry & Clean chargers feature UVC cleaning and drying technology to keep them in top condition. When the hearing aids are put inside, the UVC cleaning begins automatically and is finished in just 15 minutes.

Each hearing aid has three LEDs that show the charging status and another LED that shows the cleaning status. For the best cleaning and storage of the hearing aids, the Dry & Clean charger also has a lid.

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