Signia Inductive Charger II

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Signia Inductive Charger II will charge your hearing aids in 3-4 hours to provide you with an impressive 23-hours of use. It also offers a quick 30-minute charge which will provide you with an additional 7 hours of use.

This product includes:

  • 1x Inductive Charger unit
  • 1x USB power cable
  • 1x power supply plug
  • 1x user information manual


  • Signia Charge&Go X
  • Motion Charge&Go X & Nx
  • Pure Charge&Go X & Nx
  • CROS Pure Charge&Go X & Nx

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After a full charge, the Signia Induction Charger II gives compatible Signia hearing aids 23 hours of use! It has a dehumidifying and cooling feature to remove moisture from your hearing aids, preventing condensation-related issues.

How to use:

Simply place your hearing aids in the charging slot after connecting the charger to a power source. Each hearing aid may be inserted into either slot.

When your hearing aids are fully charged, charging will stop automatically, but you can leave them in the charger until you’re ready to use them.

A full charge will give you a generous 23 hours of hearing aid use and takes between three and four hours to complete. Your aids might require charging more frequently if you are actively streaming because it consumes more energy.

The LED light indicator will signal the status of the device:

  • Single green – plugged into a power source
  • Flashing orange – reading status from the hearing instruments
  • Single orange – 0-33% charged
  • Single green – 34-66% charged
  • Double green – 67-99% charged
  • Triple green – fully charged
  • Single moving orange – cooling cycle
  • Flashing red – error

Features and benefits:

  • A full charge provides up to 23-hours of hearing aid use
  • The fast charge provides 7 hours of additional hearing aid use
  • Fits hearing aids with moulded receivers
  • Dehumidifying and cooling function
  • Protective lid to protect hearing instruments from dust
  • Auto on/off feature

Included in the box:

  • Inductive Charger unit
  • USB power cable
  • Power supply plug
  • User information manual

Product specifications:

  • 56mm x 90mm x 46 mm
  • Weight: 72g
  • Colour: white & grey

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