Signia Click Domes Semi Open (pack of 6)


Signia Click Domes Semi Open are simple to use and provide maximum comfort while minimizing the patient’s sense of occlusion. All Nx and px RICs products are compatible.

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What Is Signia Click Domes Semi Open?

  • Pack of 6 semi-open domes, marked as size semi-open dome.

What Does It Do?

  • Sometimes referred to as a Siemens ‘Tulip’ dome
  • Clicks on to end of the Standard, Medium or Power receiver
  • Replace this dome when the old dome gets discoloured or damaged
  • Recommended to replace the dome every 4 – 8 weeks, depending on wear
  • Always ensure that a new dome is pushed firmly onto the receiver casing before inserting into the ear.

If you’re placing an order for someone else and are unsure of which dome size to order, please contact us and we can help confirm the dome size. Call us or email or use the website chat service on the left of this page.


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