Audeo M90

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Battery: 312 zinc air
Hearing Loss: Mild to profound hearing loss
Supported Apps: Direct connectivity to iOS and Android devices
Fine Tuning Channels: 20
Features: UltraZoom Premium

*At Audiology Island, our consultation fees as well as various other tele-audiology services are quoted separately from our hearing aid prices. This transparent and unbundled hearing aid pricing approach means there are non hidden costs for you, you chose what you need, and you can be sure you are getting great value for the hearing aids. Every hearing aid purchase includes your prescription settings in the device.

Hearing Aid Assessment – $125. If you are not sure what device is right for you, or have a device that you are currently having fir use with, you can call us after submitting your audiogram and we can find the proper solution for you when it comes to hearing technology

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow up is $350. Your hearing aid will arrive already programmed with your prescription, however, when it comes to proper hearing care, that one on one with your audiologist is important. This type of tele-audiology visit involves, going over maintenance of your devices, fine tuning the programing and addressing any other additional questions or concerns you may have when it comes to your new hearing aids.

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Phonak Audéo™ Marvel – Love at first sound!

Phonak Audéo Marvel focuses on what you expect from a first-class hearing aid – a clear, rich sound experience. Combined with modern technology it is a multifunctional hearing aid that conveys love at first sound.

Clear, rich sound

Enjoy better speech understanding in noise, less listening effort and be amazed at how well your hearing aids perform from the first fit and every time you wear them.

Connects to smartphones, TV and more

Phonak Audéo Marvel hearing aids connect directly to either your iOS or Android smartphone or other Bluetooth® enabled devices. Use them for hands-free calls, listening to TV, music, e-books, podcasts and so much more.


Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Marvel hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of hearing including streaming.

myPhonak app

Personalize your hearing experience and fine-tune your hearing aids with the advanced Remote Control function and more.

General Phonak Marvel FAQ:

Which hearing aid do I select from the list on my mobile phone?
Phonak Marvel hearing aids use multiple versions of Bluetooth for mobile devices (Bluetooth Classic and Bluetooth LE or “Low Energy”). Some phones recognize each version of Bluetooth as a separate device. Therefore three devices (two connected to the Phonak Remote app and one connected for phone) may be displayed when pairing two Phonak Marvel hearing aids.

Can I wear my Phonak Marvel hearing aids in the shower?
No. While Phonak Marvel hearing aid are designed for maximum protection against moisture and debris and can be worn while exercising or in light rain, they are not intended to be used in water activities such as swimming, bathing, or showering. Chemicals in the water (salt, chlorine, soap, shampoo, etc.) can damage the hearing aids.

Can I stream media (audio books, videos, music) from my mobile phone?
Yes. Phonak Marvel aids use Bluetooth Classic, the Hands Free Profile (HFP) and the Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP).

What is the myPhonak app? What are the features?
The myPhonak app is an all-in-one app that includes the following main functionalities: Remote Control, My Hearing Aids, Remote Support and Hearing Diary.

How close does my mobile phone need to be to my Phonak Marvel hearing aids?
Although the official Bluetooth standard indicates 10 m / 30 ft as the maximal Bluetooth range, the real range depends on many factors and may be shorter in reality. The phone should be within 5 meters of your Phonak Marvel hearing aids. The Phonak Marvel hearing aids use the hearing aid microphones to pick up your voice, so you do not need to speak into the phone during a call.

Additional information

Which Ear?

Both Ears, Left, Right


Sand Beige, Chestnut, Alpine White, Graphite Gray, Silver Gray, Sandalwood, Champagne, Beige, Velvet Black


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