Silk X 3

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Fitting Range: Mild to Moderate
Channels: 24
Supported Apps: myControl, touchControl

*At Audiology Island, our consultation fees as well as various other tele-audiology services are quoted separately from our hearing aid prices. This transparent and unbundled hearing aid pricing approach means there are non hidden costs for you, you chose what you need, and you can be sure you are getting great value for the hearing aids. Every hearing aid purchase includes your prescription settings in the device.

Hearing Aid Assessment – $125. If you are not sure what device is right for you, or have a device that you are currently having fir use with, you can call us after submitting your audiogram and we can find the proper solution for you when it comes to hearing technology

Hearing Aid Fitting and Follow up is $350. Your hearing aid will arrive already programmed with your prescription, however, when it comes to proper hearing care, that one on one with your audiologist is important. This type of tele-audiology visit involves, going over maintenance of your devices, fine tuning the programing and addressing any other additional questions or concerns you may have when it comes to your new hearing aids.

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Hearing aids that are the tiny and sound the most natural.

Silk is one of the thinnest hearing aids on the market, and it’s ready to use right away thanks to its ultra-soft silicone sleeves that allow it to fit snuggly in your ear. Looking attractive and hearing clearly has never been easier or faster.

Silk is one of the tiniest hearing aids on the market, and it’s ready to use straight away thanks to its ultra-soft silicone sleeves that allow it to fit comfortably in your ear. Looking nice and hearing well has never been easier or faster.

The highest level of concealment possible

Signia’s new Silk is 20% smaller than the previous generation, making it virtually imperceptible in the ear.

Click, fit, and go

The silicone sleeves snap onto Silk hearing aids and seal themselves in the ear for an instantaneous, completely natural fit. Unlike other in-the-ear hearing aids, you won’t have to wait for a custom-made housing.

Clear color coding

The colour coding of red for right and blue for left makes it straightforward to place each hearing aid in the correct ear.

Perfectly positioned for phone calls and music.

Unlike hearing aids that sit behind the ear, Silk’s microphones pick up sound inside the ear canal. This allows you to talk on the phone while remaining unobtrusively listening to music. Furthermore, over-ear headphones are a fantastic option! Silk is so comfortable to wear that you could forget you’re wearing hearing aids.

Crystal-clear sound with a natural flow.

Having a conversation in a noisy environment, such as a crowded street, an open-plan workplace, or a crowded restaurant, demands concentration and effort. These challenges are effectively addressed by Signia hearing aids, which simulate how people locate sound in their natural settings. They eliminate distracting background noise, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your conversation partner. Time and over, what you want to hear is magnified. During the entire day. In every situation.

Connect to the ease of control.

– Using a television remote control. You may alter settings and personalise your hearing aids using the touchControlTM App from anywhere in the earth. The miniPocketTM can be used as a remote control if you don’t have a smartphone.

Enjoy sound in perfect harmony.

– Communication in a loud setting. Thanks to sophisticated noise reduction technology, the Speech Quality feature in our new hearing aids allows you to hear speech clearly in any setting. This makes it easier to understand your discussion partner even in noisy environments like a restaurant or a conference.

– The sound quality is excellent. Sound Clarity offers the most natural, authentic sound in any situation. You may enjoy crystal-clear sound even in the loudest situations.


I’m seeking for a device that won’t draw attention to itself. Is Silk, in fact, the most suitable material for me?
Unquestionably. Due to its high level of subtlety, the new Silk is almost undetectable (20 percent smaller than its predecessor).

Is it possible to control my Silk hearing aids via the internet?
Unquestionably. You can control your Silk hearing aids directly and effortlessly with our touchControl App, which you can download for free on your smartphone.

I am unable to utilise it since I do not have access to a smartphone. Is it possible to control Silk without using the app?
Unquestionably. With our miniPocket adapter, you may use a remote control.

Is it feasible to listen to phone conversations, listen to music, and watch TV with my Silk hearing aids?
If you enable our Twin Phone function with the touchControl App or the miniPocket attachment, you can hear a phone call in both hearing aids if you hold your phone close to one of them. It is not feasible to listen to music or watch television online.

I have hearing loss in only one ear. Do you have a discreet solution for me?
Unquestionably. Our new Silk is compatible with the CROS Silk attachment. They collaborate to deliver the greatest sound quality while preserving the highest level of privacy.

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Which Ear?

Both Ears, Left, Right


Black faceplate, Beige faceplate


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