Sony CRE-C10 OTC Hearing Aids


Mic # on each: 1
Continuous usage time: 70 hr
NoIndicator LED on HA: N.A.
Indicator LED on Charger: N.A.
Fitted OSPL 90: 103 dB SPL
Streaming: N.A.
Connectivity with smartphone: Yes
Smartphone app: iOS, Android
IPX: none
Types of ear sleeves can be used: XS,S,M,L Open (Vent) type
Battery: 10 (RP536)

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The CRE-C10 is a simple, do-it-yourself hearing solution for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. This hearing device, developed in collaboration with WS Audiology, combines leading audiologist expertise with Sony’s trusted technology to deliver exceptional sound quality in a sleek, discreet design that is virtually invisible. The CRE-C10 offers compact, high-quality sound to enhance your experience in any environment, with a long battery life of up to 70 hours of continuous use2.

Key Features of Sony CRE-C10 OTC Hearing Aids

Created for daily use
The goal of these new devices from Sony is to remove the current barriers that people with mild to moderate hearing loss face and to provide a simple, app-enabled, do-it-yourself solution that can allow for a better hearing experience.

Extremely easy to use
Each device is ready to use right away by following the simple set-up instructions provided by the Sony | Hearing Control App. Users are guided through a step-by-step process that includes answering a few short questions in order to quickly set up and begin using either device. The simple app connects each device to the user’s smartphone, allowing them to quickly personalize settings like volume control and more to ensure the wearer hears exactly what they want in a variety of situations.

Furthermore, the app enables the wearer to “self-fit” each device. During the in-app self-fitting process, each Sony device self-adjusts to the most appropriate of pre-defined hearing profiles based on thousands of actual, real-life audiogram results. Both models are easily adaptable to provide an authentic, connected sound experience that puts the wearer first, whether the user is in a busy room or a peaceful natural setting.

Wind noise reduction
Wind noise reduction technology reduces wind noise annoyance and improves outdoor sound comfort.

Speech/noise management
Advanced acoustic processing reduces the burden of listening.

Impact sound smoothing
Impact sound smoothing technology reduces the discomfort caused by unexpectedly loud impact noises, such as when handling eyeglasses.

Artifact cancellation
Through high-speed monitoring and feedback control in individual processing channels, artifact cancellation technology removes sound artifacts and smoothes the overall sound experience.

Sleek and discreet design
When worn, the device fits comfortably inside the ear canal and is virtually invisible.

Personalized to your hearing
The Sony | Hearing control app makes it simple to set up and personalize your hearing aids.

Prescription-grade sound quality
Sony’s technology produces excellent sound quality, comparable to that of traditional hearing aids.

Made for your peace of mind
An FDA-cleared medical device developed with WS Audiology.

Comfortable fit to your ears
It includes four soft ear tip sizes that have been specially designed to maximize comfort and ease.

Adjusts to your environment
Automatically analyzes, adjusts, and optimizes sound based on your surroundings.

High-quality noise reduction
Earbuds are linked wirelessly to deliver effective noise reduction for your environment.

Battery-powered for extended use
Uses traditional Size 10 Air batteries to deliver up to 70 hours of continuous use2.

Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids FAQs:

For what degree of hearing loss is Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids suitable?
Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids are an excellent solution for people with signs of mild to moderate hearing loss.

Does Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids support Bluetooth wireless streaming?
No. The model CRE-C10 is Bluetooth not compatible.

Is there an app to control the Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aids?
Yes. You can use the app to fit the OTC hearing aid and tailor it for your hearing needs:
– Adjust the volume and sound balance (tone)
– Troubleshoot and change hearing settings on demand

How does the “Sony|Hearing Control app” work with the Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aid?
The “Sony|Hearing Control app” installed on your device communicates with the CRE-C10 OTC hearing aid by acoustic link.

Is the Sony CRE-C10 OTC hearing aid rechargeable?
No. Model CRE-C10 uses traditional Size 10 Air batteries to deliver up to 70 hours of continuous use.


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