Resound Wax Filters (pack of 8)


Resound Wax Filters 1 packs of 8 filters. Works with Resound hearing aids. These will not work with the the Generation 1 Linx hearing aid. Original GN ReSound product in manufacturer-sealed packaging.

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The GN ReSound Wax Guards guard your hearing aid from blockages caused by moisture, wax, and debris. The GN Hearing wax guards measure about 1mm in height and 1mm in width. A newly unpacked GN Hearing aid wax guard is attached to a disposable tool the size of a matchstick that is used to remove the old wax guard from your hearing aid.

Wax filters for GN ReSound hearing aids are simple to change, compatible with a variety of GN ReSound hearing aid models, and work with custom earmoulds. Replace the GN Hearing aid wax filters on a monthly basis or whenever your hearing becomes obstructed and stops functioning for the best speech clarity.

How to use?

These steps will work for many hearing aids. However, if your hearing aid has a dome, you will need to take this off before changing your wax guard. To change your wax guard, follow this simple process:

  1. A new wax guard will typically come mounted to the end of a tool that looks like a stick, and on the other end of the tool, you will have a pin.
  2. Remove the tool from the package and push the pin into the used wax guard.
  3. Gently pull the tool until the used guard is released.
  4. After the used guard has been removed, you will need to insert the new guard. Use the tool to place the new guard into the speaker/ receiver.
  5. Remove the tool, and the new guard should be securely housed in your hearing aid ready for use.


Resound Wax Filters are designed for Linx 2, Linx 3D and Linx Quattro. These will not work with the the Generation 1 Linx hearing aid.

Send us a message with the model and a picture of the hearing aid speaker if you’re unsure about whether they’ll work with your hearing aids.

If you’re placing an order for someone else and are unsure of which product to order, please contact us and we can help you place the order. Call us or email or use the website chat service on the left of this page.

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