Signia QuickGuard Wax Guards (pack of 8)


Replacement wax guards that consist of 8 pre-loaded wax sticks. Can be used on RIC For use on most RIC hearing aids.

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What Is It?

  • Protects against wax and moisture
  • Pack of 8 wax guards.

What Does It Do?

A new wax guard is mounted on one end of each stick. At the other end is a hook for removing the used wax guard from the end of the receiver wire.

Ear wax is one of the main causes of hearing aid malfunction. During daily use, ear wax can work its way into the sound outlet of the HD295 receiver wire and partially or completely block the passage of sound.

The use of a wax guard does not negate the need for daily cleaning procedures. Even though the amount of earwax produced by each individual varies, it is recommended that the wax guard is checked daily. If the hearing aid is weak/silent or if wax visible in the wax guard cannot be brushed away, it’s time to change the wax guard

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