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Tinnitus Treatment

tinnitus-treatment1Tinnitus is a pervasive disability that can affect multiple aspects of your daily life. Tinnitus has been linked with anxiety, depression, sleep deprivation and the perception of decreased hearing. Seeking medical treatment for tinnitus can be a confusing, misleading and disappointing process. Unfortunately, there is no miracle pill for tinnitus relief. Time and time again tinnitus supplements have been proven to be ineffective or to offer no more than a placebo effect. Tinnitus causes and treatment options need to be thoroughly investigated before deciding on a treatment plan most appropriate for you.  Here at Audiology Island we specialize in comprehensive tinnitus evaluations and tinnitus treatment solutions. Our audiology team is comprised of specialists in their field; they are trained to address the many different underlying causes of tinnitus. Through in depth questionnaires and special, tinnitus pitch matching procedures we can develop a unique plan of action that may include: Neuromonics tinnitus treatment, tinnitus treatment sound therapy, tinnitus notch therapy, and Otoharmonics retraining therapy.

How does tinnitus present itself and what may it sound like?

  • Some patients describe a “roaring” tinnitus that can sound like ocean waves
  • Intensity level of the tinnitus can vary from just barely audible to a debilitating loudness level
  • a common description provided is a high pitched “tonal” tinnitus lasting anywhere from a few seconds, to a few minutes, or even all day long
  • For some, tinnitus is most notable in quiet situations and seems to dissipate in the presence of background noise
  • Tinnitus can also be described as pulsatile tinnitus, treatment in this scenario may require medical intervention
  • Tinnitus can also take the form of: crackling, shower noise, running water, or in some cases auditory hallucinations of music or speech
  • Tinnitus that occurs suddenly or unilaterally, in only one ear, is considered to be a medical red flag and should be thoroughly investigated before treatment begins

What are some of the underlying causes of tinnitus?

  • Tinnitus can result from a change in medication, interactions of medications or even a change in dosage
  • Ototoxicity: chemotherapy treatment, platinum based medications, NSAIDS (such as aspirin) and even chemicals or environmental toxins
  • Noise exposure or blast exposure can be a common cause of tinnitus
  • Undetected high frequency hearing loss
  • Stress, anxiety or depression

The tinnitus treatment should be tailored to the underlying cause. In some cases, addressing a hidden hearing loss with amplification and more properly stimulating the auditory nerve can provide immediate relief of tinnitus. Other times, the road to recovery or relief can be filled with trial and error. It is so important to have your tinnitus addressed by a medical professional and not to buy into online or over the counter solutions which may even exacerbate your tinnitus symptoms. Our audiologists work with a team of Ear Nose and Throat doctors, neurologists and in some cases psychologists.

Tinnitus Treatment Success Spotlight:

Here at Audiology Island we have seen enormous success with our array of tinnitus solutions. We are proud to have completely cured 2 patients of their tinnitus through the use of Otoharmonics. We also have a 90% success rate of reducing debilitating tinnitus by some degree after a tinnitus treatment plan has been put into action. A more detailed description on treatment options is listed below.

Solutions for persons with or without hearing loss:

Otoharmonics: The Levo System

The Levo system Utilizes an FDA-cleared neuroscience-based approach, the Levo System is a personal and patented nightly sound therapy designed to alleviate tinnitus and ultimately improve the quality of a patient’s daily life.

Neuromonics: Oasis, Haven and Sanctuary Devices

These ear level devices are programmed to your audiogram and specific TRQ (Tinnitus Reaction Questionnaire) and are prescribed by your hearing care professional. Based on your individual needs a device will be selected for on demand situational relief, night time use or daily wear.

Solutions specific for persons with hearing loss and tinnitus:

Signia: Tinnitus Notch Therapy

This approach is specific for persons with hearing loss and uses a pitch matching procedure to selectively “de-amplify” the region where the tonal tinnitus is occuring.

Manufacturer Specific: Programmable Tinnitus Treatment

Many digital hearing aids today allow the user to switch between multiple programs. A hearing aid program specific for tinnitus therapy can be added to your new or existing hearing aids if the manufacturer and level of technology permits.

Affordable and Cost Effective Tinnitus Solutions:

Downloadable Tinnitus Sound Therapy Applications

ReSound ReliefOffers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to distract you from your tinnitus.Android, iOS
Beltone Tinnitus CalmerOffers a combination of sound therapy and relaxation exercises to distract you from your tinnitus.Android, iOS
SimplyNoiseFeatures white, noise, and brown sound samples to help reduce tinnitus and stress.Android, iOS
myNoiseUses white noise, rain noise and binaural beats to create sound therapy noise generators.Android, iOS
Tinnitus TherapyUses customizable sounds as sound therapy and sound masking to make your tinnitus less noticeable.Android, iOS
WhistCreate custom sounds by adjusting volume, pitch, noisiness, and balance to help relieve your tinnitus.Android, iOS
Oticon Tinnitus SoundChoose from different sound types and create a sound plan to give your relief from your tinnitus when you need it.Android, iOS

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tinnitus-treatment2Here at Audiology Island we are committed to addressing all of your hearing needs and believe in the development of a comprehensive approach to a healthy hearing lifestyle. Bothersome tinnitus should not be impacting your quality of life and our tinnitus specialists are uniquely qualified to ensure that your tinnitus is managed and treated so that you may regain peace of mind and peaceful hearing.

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